A Quantum Leap Phrase

There’s a phrase I’ve been using lately that has created epic results and change in my life.

The view from the front porch of said Airbnb

This phrase is one that requires trust and belief and faith in what’s possible. It also requires surrender and accepting that if nothing happens, that’s okay too (while knowing that when you’ve truly surrendered, things will, of course, happen).

That phrase is: Thank you Universe for showing me how good it can get.

Using this phrase, I have received the coolest and most unexpected things, including far more book sales than I imagined, a total stranger making a TikTok video raving about my new book, an automated course sale from my online shop that I literally never mention or post about, a trip to stay in the most luxurious Airbnb on a lake with the most beautiful view, thousands of new TikTok followers, my videos going viral, and MORE!!

When you program your mind to be grateful in advance of anything happening in your physical reality, you will quantum leap faster than you ever thought possible and life will become more magical than you ever imagined.

And I talk all about this and how to apply it in your life, in my new book, Quantum Leap Your Life. Get it here: www.jenniferblanchard.net/quantumleap

Thank you Universe for showing me how good it can get.

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