A Shortcut For Relieving Stress In Under A Minute

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Irritable. Unfocused. Overwhelmed. These are just some of the feelings you experience from time-to-time. Of course, it’s been happening a lot more lately than it used to.

Long ago you felt care-free. You were able to site down and write without much problem.

But now things are different. You often skip your writing sessions because you feel “blocked” or like you aren’t energized enough to actually write anything worthwhile.

You blame it on not having enough time in your day, but is that the real problem?

The Real culprit

Life keeps you busy, busy, busy. And a busy life often brings on the cause of your irritability, overwhelm and inability to write.

The true culprit? Stress.

When you’re stressed out your fuse is a lot shorter than it usually is. Your attitude isn’t positive. That can make it a huge challenge to get writing done and be creative.

Creativity requires relaxation. It requires you to feel your true emotions and be able to express things on a page.

Not easy to do when you’re feeling irritable, overwhelmed and stressed the hell out.

And what about when you have to write something, like you’re on deadline and can’t get out of it?

Your One-Minute Stress Reliever

If you’re in need of instant stress relief, I have your solution. It’s called laughter, and it’s a fast, free, convenient way to relieve stress right when it comes on.

When you’re in a situation where you need to focus on your writing or you want to write but are feeling stressed, find a way to laugh. Laugh as hard as you can. Laugh deep from your belly. Laugh so hard you cry.

There are a million things to laugh about, here are some ideas to get your laughter-ball rolling:

  • Ask the people around you to tell you the funniest joke they know
  • Watch a hilarious video on YouTube
  • Think back to a time when something ridiculously funny happened and replay it in your head
  • Keep silly pictures on your phone to look at when you need a chuckle
  • Write down when funny things happen in your life so you can go back and re-read them when you want to

The laughter possibilities are endless. The more you laugh, the less stressed your body will feel.

Today your challenge is to laugh as much as you can.

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