A Simple Way To Find Answers To Your Creative Problems

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Sometimes when you feel blocked and you just can’t seem to write anything good, it’s time for a break. Not a long break, but a break that’s long enough for you to step away from your writing and get some recharge time.

Taking a break isn’t a bad thing. I know some writers see breaks as breaks in their creative thought patterns or breaks in their flow, and that’s fine.

But if you’re someone who gets overwhelmed when you feel blocked, it’s always best to step away for a little while.

A Creativity Walk

Since I own my own business, I spend a lot of time working at home, and while I do love it, the challenge comes in when I need to get away. What’s really helping me right now are what I call “creativity walks.”

Throughout my day, when I come to stopping points, I grab Weiland’s leash and we head outside for a quick jaunt. Just being outside and having time to step away and focus on being with my dog makes a huge difference to my work when I return to it.

Sometimes all solving a creative problem requires is stepping away for a short period of time. Even ten minutes can make a difference.

When you get your mind stuck on something, you’re in a sense blocking the answer from coming to you. And focusing on it more won’t change anything.

But when you step away and do something else, you’re allowing the creative problem to “marinate” in your subconscious. What happens is you’ll usually have an answer pop up when you least expect it to.

Amazing how that works.

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