You can have the dream writing life—with the NY Times Best Seller, thousands of raving fans, your book turned into a movie, walking the red carpet at the movie premiere, book signings all over the world….or whatever version of the dream writing life you want.

Problem is, that writing life feels a million miles away from where you are right now. So far that you can’t even begin to imagine it or even believe that it will one day be yours.

I know how you feel, because I used to be the Queen of Procrastination (it’s true–I even used to have a blog called Procrastinating Writers.)

IMG_5896I’m Jennifer Blanchard—I’m a 3x Amazon best selling author, a screenwriter, a Developmental Book Editor and The Writing Industry’s Mindset Coach. And in 2016, I decided to take control of my writing destiny. 

The truth is, I used to struggle A LOT when it came to my writing. I avoided it, I self-sabotaged my efforts, and then at the end of the day I’d go to bed feeling guilty for not having written.

It was a never-ending cycle of disappointment and unfulfilled dreams. And even though I’d somehow managed to write and publish a few books, I was nowhere near the writer and author I saw myself being.

I was sick of not having the writing life I dreamed of. Tired of my BS excuses—even the valid ones—and ready to become that successful self-published author I knew I was meant to be.

Most of all, I was mad at myself for wasting 18+ years half-assing my writing goals and acting like I had a million years to live my life as me. Then in April 2016 it hit me–it’s time to either step up and be the author you dream of being, or find something else to do with your time. 

So I gave myself an insane goal: write and publish 9 eBooks by December 31, 2016. 

Since then, I’ve written and published 10 new eBooks (six of which I published on Kindle, three I turned into a blog post, and another you can check out at the bottom of this page) and I’ve created some ridiculously awesome results, including:

  • Becoming a multi-book, multi-category, multi-day #1 best selling author on Amazon 
  • Selling 1,007 books in 30 days and then 885 books in 7 days, and then 2,312 books in 31 days 
  • Getting invited to be interviewed on writing podcasts and speak at live events 

Each month things just get better and better. I am finally living my dream writing life, every single day. I’m growing a six-figure writing empire, that includes books, virtual workshops, digital products and coaching services.

How did I make all of this happen when I struggled for years before that?

Simple. I decided I was going to. 

I made up my mind that my success as a self-published author was a done deal, that it was non-negotiable and I would settle for nothing less. I set it in my mind that I would become a best seller and finally start making real money and a real impact with my writing.

I’ve always believed that you can achieve and create absolutely anything you want when you set your mind to it. I’d proven this to myself over and over again in my life while I was growing up with things like getting into college, buying my first car, and scoring a dream internship and job after I graduated.

And then I realized I could apply that same belief to my writing life.

So I started thinking and acting like the pro writer I dreamed of being. Every day I ask myself: what would a pro writer do? And then I act from that place.

By doing this, I’ve been able to create my dream writing life where I get to do work I love, live location-free, and create whatever I want to create, all on my time and my terms.

Turns out that mindset really is 90 percent of being successful. The other 10 percent is just taking actions that are aligned with the success you want to create.

That’s what it all boils down to. You want the magic key to success as an author? It exists between your ears.

Let me show you how it’s done…

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Pro Stats

  • My screenplay, “The Rules” placed as a Semi-Finalist in the Stage32 Rom-Com Script Contest (2019)
  • In 2012, I quit my $70,000+ a year corporate job (doing social media marketing and strategy) with no plan and no safety net, and became a full-time authorpreneur
  • I’ve been a professional writer since 2001
  • I’ve helped hundreds of writers plan and develop their stories before they write their first drafts
  • I have a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Public Relations from Utica College, and a certification in Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • My corporate work background includes 2 years as a magazine editor, and 5 years in online and social media marketing and strategy for  various corporations and a Fortune 500 company

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