Acting As If Works When You Trust And Dig Your Heels In On Who You Are Now Deciding To Be

See this dress?

This is the dress I’ll be wearing for my celebration dinner (and vegan ice cream!) later this month.

I manifested this dress during our workshop!!

When I was in NY for my grandpa’s funeral I continued doing the process, and during one of my listening sessions I got the download to schedule a StitchFix delivery (a personal stylist company that sends you clothes to try on and buy right from home). I scheduled the delivery for March 10, because I knew that’s when I’d have the money for it.

Well, the SF package showed up… but the money hadn’t.

Without even realizing it, I fell back into an old money pattern of lack and limitation. I opened the box, but I didn’t try any of the clothes on. I just let the box sit on the kitchen table all weekend.

Essentially what I did was act as if I didn’t have the money… and so I didn’t.

This morning I contemplated sending the whole box back, without trying any of it on. Less temptation that way, right? I would’ve lost $20, but whatever, I’d already paid it so it didn’t really matter.

But then tonight as I was going over to the box to put everything into the return envelope I had a thought–I needed to try the clothes on anyhow. I needed to act as if I had the money to spend on whatever I wanted from the box.

Even if it wasn’t true in the moment.

I tried the first three items on… nah. The fits were weird and the patterns were ugly.

But then I tried on the dress. THE DRESS. I knew from the moment I saw it on Friday that it was meant to be my celebration outfit.

And trying it on just confirmed it.

Perfect fit. Perfect neckline. Perfect color. Matches perfectly with the shoes I had planned to wear.

As I folded it up to put it into the return envelope another thought hit me… no. I don’t want to send it back! I don’t care if the money hasn’t physically shown up yet. I know this dress is mine.

So I made a decision. I took a risk. I decided to act as if I already had the money and that it was just a normal month where I get a SF delivery, pick out what I want, buy it and send the rest back.

I had ’til tomorrow night to send it back, and I decided that I would manifest the money to pay for it in the next 24 hours. I knew the Universe would support me.

I hung the dress up so I can see it first thing when I walk into my closet (ignore the lovely half-tie-die backdrop–I sit on the floor when I do videos in front of it). And then I said out loud to the Universe–

“Universe, this is my celebration dress for my biggest money month ever so far. This is what I am wearing. I am buying this dress. I don’t know how I’m going to pay for it, so I need you to figure it out and send it to me. Thank you.”


Even though I was scared.

Even though I really had no idea where the money would come from.

Even though I was uncertain.

I made the decision that I am no longer available for an empty bank account or to not be able to afford the things that I desire. And I made that clear to the Universe with my actions.

I put the rest of the stuff into the return envelope and stuck it by the door so I’d remember to drop it off tomorrow. Then I went with my husband to get his nightly coffee. On the way there, I checked my email and one of my clients had sent me her monthly payment early, which gave me more than enough money for the dress.

BOOM!!! Almost-instant manifestation!!!

This happened for a few reasons:

  1. I decided that it’s the only thing I was available for
  2. I dug my heels in on who I am now choosing to be
  3. I delegated to the Universe and asked for it to support me
  4. I acted as if and took actions as if I was keeping the dress (trying it on, returning the other stuff, hanging the dress up so it’s a part of my closet now, etc).

This is how acting as if = getting the things that you desire.

But it takes skin-in-the-game actions. I put my ass on the line by buying something I didn’t yet have the physical cash for, but it all worked out.

When you can have that level of trust in the Universe and in yourself, you will be, do and have anything you dream of.

Dream life or bust,


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