Alignment – First, Last, And Always

I recently made major changes to a group I’ve been running for almost 5 years. And then a few days after I made those changes, I made even more.

Why? ‘Cause I’m committed to alignment, first, last and always.

What’s alignment? It’s a fancy way of saying “do what feels good to you, no matter what.”

It can be scary to live this way and only do things that are in alignment, and when they’re not, giving yourself permission to change, shift or stop doing anything as soon as you notice it no longer is.

But if you’re willing to live this way, you will be rewarded in ways you can’t even begin to imagine right now.

I just received the following email from a woman in my group I just made all of the changes to, which, for me, is total confirmation of my choice to always follow alignment:

“Thanks for your courage to change direction when you feel it is necessary. Even after sending the first emails – it is inspiring to see you commit to adjusting your course, even when some might worry about how it looks to others – you still commit to choosing the path that is right for you and the most filled with joy. Truly inspiring ❤️ I sometimes think “well, I’ve walked so long on this path, I might as well just continue” – even when it doesn’t feel as good as it could. To know that I at any time can amp up the joy – and see others do it too – is so liberating and important ❤️ Thanks for your honesty, your commitment to alignment and joy and for sharing some of your steps and thoughts out there in the big world ❤️”

Alignment. First, last and ALWAYS. 🔥

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