Are You Ready To Recharge Your Creative Batteries in 31 Days?

Here’s a really sad truth: most people will never make the important changes they want to make in their lives. They will never go after their dreams or put real effort toward the goals they want to accomplish.

And even sadder, the same may be true for you.


Do you want to:

  • lose weight?
  • start eating better?
  • have more energy?
  • write more often?
  • sell your writing?
  • create a business doing what you love?

What’s stopping you?

My guess is it’s one of the three main factors that hold people back:

  1. Fear
  2. The Comfort Zone
  3. Thinking that Change is “Too Hard”

The Truth About Fear and the Comfort Zone

That four-letter-word is enough to keep most people from ever taking any steps—even the tiniest of steps—toward getting what they really want in life. The same goes for the Comfort Zone.

Being comfortable and afraid of change are two things that will ruin your life. If you let them.

Now you may argue it’s not either of these things, but actually your day job gets in the way or you have kids or you’re much too tired all the time, etc.

Got more news for ya: those are just excuses!

Excuses do not equal reality.

For example, I have an author-friend who spent many years of her life writing and rewriting and resubmitting her novel manuscript to agents and publishers until she finally found one. And all the while she was raising three very active teenagers by herself and working a full time job. Oh yeah, and she cooks dinner from scratch pretty much every night.

What’s your excuse?

All those things you tell yourself about why you’re not getting your writing done or why you haven’t been working as hard at your writing as you could be are excuses. Nothing more.

Here’s a great way to look at it:

The excuses we make are nothing more than lies we come up with so we don’t feel guilty and uncomfortable about doing nothing to work toward the things we say we want in our lives.

Now the other factor that causes people to never make a move toward what they want is they think change is too hard.

Change Isn’t “Too Hard”

It’s really not! That’s what this 31-day creativity recharge challenge is all about—showing you how easy it can be to get on (and stay on) the path that leads to a happy, healthy you, where you’re living your dreams, creating your art (written or otherwise) and sharing your gifts with the world.

If you’re ready to finally STOP MAKING EXCUSES and get on the path to your dreams, join the InkyBites community for a fun challenge: Recharging your creative batteries in just 31 days.

Starting July 1 on InkyBites, I’ll be posting a daily tip/task to help you recharge your creativity.

To get prepared for this challenge, I highly recommend subscribing to InkyBites so you don’t miss a single post. There’s a whole lot of good stuff to come.

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