Are You Willing To Keep Going Until It Works And Then Still Keep Going?

The new TikTok channel for my upcoming book (@fuckthehow) is thriving. I’ve had hundreds of thousands of views on my videos, and am now up to 10.3K followers and growing by almost 100 (or more) people every day.

I’m having so much fun right now writing this book, and running my F*ck the How program, engaging with people on my TikTok channel, and making lots of videos. I’m finally fully enjoying being in the moment and watching it all unfold more and more every day.

(This is why you’ve got to be clear on your vision, you’ve got to know what you actually want, and you’ve got to give yourself permission to go for it. For real. No holding back.)

It may seem like this happened so easily (and for me, it kinda feels like it did), but then I remember all of the things I’ve done in the past that haven’t worked. 

All of the times my launch or my post or video got crickets. All of the times I got mediocre results from something I put my heart and soul into. All of the times I felt like I was probably insane and kidding myself to think any of what I was doing would work. All of the years I spent seemingly on a hamster wheel with no outcome in sight.

And yet, I just kept going anyway.

I don’t give up when I know something is meant for me. I keep fucking going. 

No matter how long it takes. No matter how many times I fall down and fuck up. No matter how many times I have to start again. No matter what the physical reality or people around me think.

And no matter how many times things don’t work.

‘Cause eventually, if you do just keep on going, something will work. Something will ignite and the flames will grow from there.

But you have to keep going until that happens. 

Even when it looks like it’s never going to work. Even when it doesn’t work for years. Even when you get mediocre results for far too long.

You’ve just got to keep on pivoting. Testing and tweaking. Stepping more onto your aligned path with each movement you make.

And then once it does start working, you ALSO have to keep going.

You can’t rest on “it’s working.” You have to continue showing up and continue being a match to what you want, and continue taking your inspired actions. 

Self-sabotage is a sneaky sucker. It will take you down so fast if you don’t watch out for it and then derail it before it derails you. 

And you do that by taking back control of your mind.

I know with 100 percent certainty I wouldn’t be getting the results I’m now getting–and all that this will eventually lead to–if I hadn’t started my daily mindset practice back in August of 2015 and then kept it up ever since. 

Your mind can either be your biggest ally or your worst enemy. 

It will try to stop you thousands of times. To convince you that you can’t do this and that it’s never going to work. To attempt to keep you “safe” and stuck in your comfort zone for the rest of your life.

So you have to be willing to call its bluff, do the inner work, and keep fucking going regardless. When it’s not working and also when it is.

And remember–feeling good is the point and the path.

Dream life or bust,

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