Are You Willing to Receive It All???

Something a lot of people in the manifestation space don’t talk about is what it actually means to receive the things that you want. But I’m not most people. So I’m gonna talk about it!

This is important. You need to know about this stuff.

A big reason why people don’t get the things they want in life is because they’re not prepared to receive all of it–the good and the potentially bad. 

There are always potential downsides to receiving what you want, and if you can’t handle or aren’t willing to handle the downsides that come along with the good stuff, you won’t ever be able to receive what you want. You will energetically block it.

For example, I want a lake house. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid. And while living on the lake is amazing and it will be so much fun to get to wake up looking at the sun rising above the water, there are also potential downsides to it. 

Like flooding, for example. The area where I live is on Lake Ontario, and sometimes, especially during certain times of the year, the water rises high enough to flood the shoreline (including the lake houses that are on the shoreline). 

This stops most people from wanting to own a lake house here. They don’t want to deal with the downside of potential flooding.

But that won’t ever stop me from owning one. I’m fully willing to accept and hold both–the good and the potentially bad. I’m strong enough to handle whatever happens, and I know when I buy my lake house I will get good flood insurance to cover any possible damage that could occur.

So the question you need to ask yourself–especially if you’ve been wanting something for a while now and it hasn’t happened yet–is: am I willing to take the good with the potentially bad? To receive what I want and everything that potentially comes with it? 

If your answer is anything but yes, you’ve got work to do, and that’s likely why you haven’t received it yet. 

I did an entire livestream this morning talking all about this, as something happened for me today that I never expected or saw coming, but when it happened, I realized it’s just a part of receiving the things I’ve been asking for. I dealt with it as best I knew how, and I moved on (watch the replay for the full story on what happened here:

You always, always, always get to have the things you want for yourself and your life, BUT you also have to be willing to receive what you want and everything that potentially comes with it. That’s just a part of having it all.

Dream life or bust,

P.S. We’ll be talking a lot more about how to receive the things you want and be able to handle the good along with the potentially not so good in my upcoming private group course, Act Like It: 6 weeks with yours truly to get you thinking, believing, feeling and acting like the version of you who already has the things that you want; the dream-life you; your next-level self. Only a few more days to join us (we start Monday, November 1)!!

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