Attract Your Writing Dreams In 2010

By Jennifer Blanchard

Since I’m a huge fan of and believer in the law of attraction, my mom bought me the newly released DVD, Beyond the Secret, a follow-up to the international best-selling book and DVD, The Secret.

I’ve watched it twice already, but as I was watching it the other night, I heard one of the contributors say something I didn’t hear the first time.

Mary Morrissey, a speaker, consultant and best-selling author, said, “Some people live 90 years. And some people live 1 year 90 times.”

After hearing it, the thought didn’t really sit well with me. Most likely because I fall into the latter category (living 1 year over and over again).

The sad truth of the matter, thou, is that most people—and especially procrastinating writers—live life in the past: Past mistakes, past errors, past problems, past people, past events.

But living in the past is holding you back from your future.

Why? Because you’re continuing to live your daily life based on people, events and mistakes that are over.

You’ve already paid for the mistakes of your past (not writing, not reaching your writing goals). Why continue to pay for them in the future?

Breaking Out of the Mold
Here’s the truth—Life is meant to be abundant. You are meant to live your dreams. You are meant to be a writer.

If writing wasn’t a big deal to you, you wouldn’t be reading this blog. You wouldn’t be trying to overcome your procrastinating behaviors day-in-and-day-out. You wouldn’t care whether or not you sit down to write.

But you do care.

You care because deep down inside you, you love to write. You love to wordsmith and create fictional realities. You love who you become when you’re writing.

Writing builds a passionate fire inside you. One that can’t be snuffed out too easily.

But every day that you don’t find the time to write; every day that you don’t make writing a priority; every day you don’t sit down and write, that fire dies down a little bit.

And without ever taking any action toward what you want, the fire will eventually fizzle out.

Don’t let that happen to you.

If writing is important to you, if writing is what fuels you, if writing is what makes you tick—Don’t spend another day not writing.


Write to save your dream. Write to keep your muse happy. Write until your fingers are cramped and you know that typing one more word will cause you to have permanent carpal tunnel syndrome. Then write a little bit more.

This is your year to make your writing dreams a reality.

You can do it.

About the Author: Jennifer Blanchard is founder of Procrastinating Writers. Be sure to follow her on Twitter.

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