AuthorpreneurTV: An Inside Look At Being An Author In the Digital Age

I’m SUPER EXCITED about my new YouTube show, AuthorpreneurTV. I’m showing you behind the scenes in my writing life and business, to give you an inside look at what all goes into what I do and how I do it and how I got where I am today. As well as watching my journey as I continue on to achieving all the other writing goals I have for myself.

Here’s one of my favorite episodes so far (which I actually shot on Facebook Livestream):

I’ve shot a bunch of episodes already, so be sure to head over to my YouTube channel and check them out (and subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode!).

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If you have questions or suggestions for topics you want me to cover, leave ’em in the comments. I’m always looking for ideas on what you most want to know.

And if you want to get an inside look at how I plan and develop my novels, be sure to grab a free copy of my eBook: Find Your Story: the 6-Week Story Development Process.

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