Be Driven By Your Dreams

I’m driven by my dreams. And I’m driven to help other people achieve their dreams.

All of my clients are people who had a dream–to write their story, to share their message, to publish their book. A desire to see their name and their writing in print.

My clients and I don’t just want to write and publish a book, we HAVE TO. It’s a deep desire and dream we held inside and visioned for years of our lives. It’s the fuel that motivates us every day. And no matter how long it takes, or what it takes, we are going to make it happen.

It took me 13 years (for my first nonfiction book) and 18 years (for my first novel) to make that dream happen for myself.

But for some of my clients, that dream has been inside them for decades upon decades upon decades. For others it’s been a dream for so long they’re almost starting to think it won’t happen.

And for others, it’s their dying wish to see their book in print.

That was the case with my client, Doris Kinder, a 95-year-old woman from Massachusetts who had written a novel she wanted to self-publish. She was in the process of revising it when she found out from her doctors she had six months to live.

That news made her even more determined. She contacted me and asked for help getting her book finished–which meant developmental editing, revising the manuscript, line editing, final review and then going through the whole self-publishing process for print and eBook formats.

There was a lot of work to do, but she was determined and her attitude and belief that she could do this inspired me to help her make it happen.

It took a little longer than we hoped it would, but the eBook version of her novel, Storm, debuted at the end of January, and the print version made its debut a couple of weeks later.

You can buy Doris’ novel, Storm, here:

We did it. Together, we made it happen.

Doris even stuck around to see it. She’s had some scares here and there, but she always pulls through and her doctors say its 100 percent because of this book and her desire to see her dream through. It has become her fuel, her lifeblood.

And thanks to all of that work, her book is out in the world. We finally received the print copies in the mail and, TODAY, her son is delivering them to her.

My client, Glenn Dyer, worked with me in 2015 to plan, develop and write his story. Then he took his time revising and editing and getting it to a place where he was happy with it. His WWII spy thriller, The Torch Betrayal, made its debut in 2018.

For Glenn, this wasn’t just the completion of a dream he had for a very long time, but it was also his way of making good on a promise to his son. And he made it happen.

You can buy Glenn’s novel, The Torch Betrayal, here:

My client, Zara Quentin, had a dream of publishing a three-book fantasy series. She came to me with the idea for the first book in 2015, and we spent a year working through the entire process from start to finish, and got the first book in that series, Airwoman, out into the world at the end of 2016. Zara has gone on to publish the second and third books in the series and is now working on others.

Her dream of being a YA fantasy author have taken root and she is growing in ways I’m sure she never even thought to imagine back when we first worked together.

You can buy Zara’s three-book series, Airwoman, here:

I believe in dreams. I believe our dreams are a divine calling.

And I know that when you’re given a dream or a desire, it’s because God wants to experience this thing THROUGH YOU.

You are the container, the vessel, the means and the messenger who will deliver this creation, this experience, this book into the world.

The one that only you could do. In a way that only you could do it.

I want to help you bring your dream to life. That’s what I do, and that’s Why I do it.

Dream life or bust,


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