Be Your Most Badass Self In 10 Steps

This morning I was blown away while reading an article on MindBodyGreen. I actually shared it on all my social media sites and emailed it to my mom, before I even finished reading it.

It was that mind-blowing.

Writer, Stefani Beckerman, really nailed it. Not because the information she presented was new, but because it was presented in a way that was new to my mind—and exactly what I needed to hear.

It was exactly what we all need to hear.

The article detailed the 10 steps necessary to become the most badass version of yourself, and some of the lines from it really took my breath away. They really made me stop to think.

Lines like:

” Love who you are and let that be so powerful that you don’t seek any validation from others.”


“First, commit to yourself. Know that your process is perfect for you. There is no one right way. Cultivate an unshakeable trust in your instincts and belief in yourself. Maintain the faith that an energy greater than you realize has your back.”


“Let what scares you surface, and then pass through.”

The one that blew me away the most, thou, was this one:

“Hold the space for what you want to accomplish, drop expectations of the order it’s supposed to happen, and welcome how it IS happening.”

So often I find myself frustrated because things aren’t working the way I want or moving as quickly as I’d hoped. I tell myself that I need to be successful now, now, now.

But what I realized after reading that is this: things are happening. My dreams are coming true. A little at a time the puzzle pieces are falling into place.

Maybe not as fast as I want, but life is a long time. If I got everything I dream of tomorrow—what would be left to live for?


But so often we try to rush the process, we try to rush our success, instead of just enjoying the moment.

What I need to do now is love what is and be thankful for how it’s happening and the order the Universe is making it happen in.

In my mind reaching my dreams is a linear thing; I tell myself I know where I need to go next, etc. But when I force myself into a direction because I think it’s right, it usually ends up being wrong.

When I’ve taken time to listen to what the Universe is telling me (through journaling, prayer and meditation), that’s when I’ve found my true direction.

You owe it to yourself to check this article out: 10 Ways to Become Your Most Badass Self

Being a badass is about so many things, but in the end, it really boils down to one thing: knowing yourself and doing what works for you.

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