Becoming Next-Level You Comes From How You Feel

Thirty-three days ago I started an amped up version of my daily mindset and energy practice. I call it my Feel-Good Practice, and I’ve spent anywhere from two to four hours every morning for the last 33 days doing whatever I can to just feel fucking awesome.

I’ve also been reprogramming a lot of my deeply held subconscious beliefs that have been working against me for years. It’s been intense. Especially as limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had started popping up.

It can be scary to discover the bullshit you’ve been thinking, believing and holding onto for most of your life.

And I’m not gonna lie–the last 33 days have been rough. I find my conscious mind in panic-mode more often than I’d like.

But underneath the fear and the worry is this feeling of calm. Underneath is a feeling of love and support and a knowingness that no matter what my physical reality currently looks like, that’s not who I am or what’s actually true for me.

I can FEEL my new reality inside me. It just hasn’t manifested on the outside yet.

But it will. The more I continue to focus on feeling as good as possible all day, every day.

When it comes down to it, when you get to the core of manifestation and desire and getting what you want in life (and business), it always, always, always comes down to how you feel.

Period. End of story. Nothing you can do or say to change it.

It’s law.

If you feel like shit, you will receive more things to make you feel like shit in return. If you feel fucking amazeballs, you will receive more things to make you feel fucking amazeballs.

This is a vibrational, emotion-based Universe. How you feel is everything.

And what you’re really after isn’t what you think it is.

You have all these dreams and wants and desires, and you tell yourself that what you’re after is those things. Achieving them. Having them. Making them happen.

But the truth is, what you’re really after is the FEELINGS you think you’ll experience when you have that thing or when you achieve that goal or dream.

The thing itself is actually inconsequential.

I know it seems like it’s important. I know you think you won’t be able to go on or that your life would be a total waste if you didn’t eventually achieve the thing you want.

But you’re wrong.

Because what you’re really after is the feelings. And if you chose to create those feelings right now, without needing to have the thing or achieve the goal, then the thing, the goal, would become inconsequential.

Now that doesn’t mean you won’t still want it or that it wouldn’t still be cool to have it. That doesn’t mean it’s not still part of your life’s purpose to be, do or have that thing. It also doesn’t mean that you won’t eventually have the thing, because now you don’t need it.

It just means you’re no longer giving the power to control how you feel over to things that are outside yourself. And that you’re no longer pushing off feeling how you want to feel until you have said things.

If you constantly put off your happiness and your feel-good state until this or until that or until, until, until… you will never, ever have, be or do the things you dream of.

Because there will always be another “until.”

Not to mention the things you want are on a totally different feeling and vibration than the one you’re currently operating your life from. Which means it’s like putting your radio on 97.9 FM and trying to hear something that’s on 930 AM. It’s a totally different frequency and you’ll never, no matter how hard you try, no matter how much effort you put in, be able to hear what’s on 930 AM while you’re tuned to 97.9 FM.

Same goes for your dreams.

If you don’t tune yourself to the same feeling state and vibrational frequency that the things you want to be, do or have are on, you’ll never, no matter how hard you try, no matter how much effort you put in, be able to receive those things. Ever.

Because you’ll always get more of how you feel right now.

So cut it out with the “untils.” Stop making your excuses. And just find a way to feel as good as fucking possible, every single day.

When you’re on the feel-good frequency, you’re tuned into everything you desire to receive and more.

Dream life or bust,


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