Butt-In-Chair: A Sneak Peek

By Jennifer Blanchard

It’s finally here. Well…almost.

The very first Procrastinating Writers eBook–Butt-In-Chair: A no-excuses writing productivity guide for writers who struggle to get started is making its debut on in the next week (or so).

In the newsletter I sent out Monday I said the official launch date was March 24, which it was, until I learned my designer had an untimely death in the family over the weekend. Although we’re still aiming for March 24, we may not make it ’til the final week of the month.

But no matter if it’s launching on the 24th or the week after, I’ve gotten so many awesome comments from my pre-launch reviewers and so much support via Twitter, that I wanted to share with you what you can expect:

Butt-In-Chair is pure writing-life guidance and motivation. Each section of the eBook contains thought-and-creativity-provoking writing prompts to get you working through your procrastination and writing on a regular basis.

The eBook will guide you through everything from figuring out why you want to write to determining what causes you to procrastinate to finding the solutions that best suite you and your writing.

Butt-In-Chair  includes some of the best, most popular posts from the Procrastinating Writers blog, as well as several never-before-read posts that are only available in the eBook.

You’ll get printable worksheets and checklists that you can fill out, write all over, tear apart and utilize to help you make the most of the available writing hours you have each day/week.

Here’s what one Procrastinating Writers reader had to say about Butt-In-Chair:

“What a great and useful book.  I love the exercises.  The worksheets in the back are awesome.

Over and over, I read observations of my procrastinating self.  Fortunately, over and over, I also read the solution for me.

This book is an excellent resource for my writing life,”–Mary Eagan

If you’re ready to give up your excuses, overcome the things that hold you back and finally get serious about your writing, Butt-In-Chair is your step-by-step guide to getting writing done.

Be sure to subscribe to the Procrastinating Writers newsletter. Not only does it deliver useful writing tips, tools and motivation once a month, but I’ll be offering a discount on Butt-In-Chair exclusively for newsletter subscribers.

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