Butt-In-Chair: No Excuses, Just Writing

Butt-In-Chair: A no-excuses writing productivity guide for writers who struggle to get started is a downloadable eBook created to help you sit down and start writing, by giving you concrete writing methods, tools and ideas for getting writing done.

Each section contains:

  • Guidance and support–Each section is written to help you work through all the things that hold you back and find effective ways to develop a habit of writing.
  • Sit Down and Write!–At the end of each section, there’s a box loaded with writing exercises and journal prompts. All designed to get you writing.

There’s also an Appendix full of printable worksheets and checklists that you can fill out, write all over, tear apart and utilize to help you make the most of the available writing hours you have each day/week.

This 117-page eBook is designed to do one thing and one thing only: Get you writing!

To learn more about this eBook (or to purchase a copy of it), visit the Butt-In-Chair page.

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