Idea to Draft Story Intensive Case Study: Paula Thorne

Case Study_PaulaPaula Thorne joined the Spring 2014 Idea to Draft Story Intensive with a story idea in her mind, but no clear way to execute it on paper … and today she’s more than halfway finished with her first draft. In her own words, here’s how the Idea to Draft Story Intensive has helped her take her story from “idea seed” to (almost) completed first draft:

1. Where Were You With Your Story Before Joining This Workshop?

It was just an idea I had in my head. Nothing on paper.

2. What Challenge Did You Have and/or What Was Preventing You From Writing Your Novel Prior to Joining the Idea to Draft Workshop?

I always wanted to write it, but didn’t really know how to start and I easily get distracted.

3. What, If Any, Hesitations Did You Have Signing Up For This Workshop?

The timeline and managing the deadlines. I was on maternity leave, but had very long and busy days with my baby. The only time I had to write was 2 naps (which went down to 1) and at night after she went to bed. Luckily she started sleeping through the night. But I also had other chores / stuff to do during this time too.

4. What Changes Have You Noticed In Your Story? In Your Writing? In Your Life?

My idea finally took shape and I’ve actually been writing every day. Some days not a whole lot is written, but something is written every day.

5. What Specific Features Did You Like Best About This Workshop?

The timeline and tight deadlines really kept me focused on what needed to be done. I respond very well to deadline pressure which has also helped keep me motivated.

6. Would You Recommend This Workshop to Other Writers? Why Or Why Not?

I would recommend this workshop to others. The timeline / deadline of 4 months may be off-putting at first (and may not for everyone), but I definitely found it helped keep me focused on what needed to be accomplished each week. One step at a time in a logical manner.

As I mentioned before, I’m easily distracted so unless I have a bright flashing sign telling me what needs to get done I will find something else to do.

7. Anything Else You’d Like to Add?

I have made several half assed attempts at writing before. I say half assed now even though at the time I considered it to be serious. But it never led anywhere.

I didn’t finished my first draft in this workshop, but I did get just over half way which is the furthest I have ever come in any of my writing. I truly believe it never would have happened without this workshop.

And the good news is that I’m still writing. Thank you!

 You can learn more about the Idea to Draft Story Intensive here.

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