To Celebrate My 9-Year Blogiversary: My First Blog Post Ever

Today is my 9-year blogiversary–I started my blog on March 22, 2008. And as a way of celebrating this important day, I thought it would be fun to look back at my very first blog post, to see how much I’ve grown since them (and to be honest, have some laughs, ha!).

So here it is, in black-and-white… my very first blog post ever:

March 22, 2008

You’re Invited

I am a lover of words, a creator of pasttimes, a designer of personalities… In short? I’m a writer. I write it all–from marketing pieces to freelance articles to blog posts. And my true love? Fiction. Short stories, novels, screenplays… But like many other creative writers, I’m a procrastinator. I have big dreams of publishing my first novel and writing fiction for a living, but I never force myself to sit down and write. I have so many story ideas in my head and written down in my idea notebook that I could spend the rest of my life writing novels. For some reason, thou, as a creative person, I have a difficult time focusing and sitting down and just putting the words on paper. I have every excuse in the world for why I don’t want to write or why I don’t have time to write—Sex and the City is on right now, I don’t have any good ideas, I’d rather go out with my friends, I just have to clean my house first, it’s late and I’m tired—the list goes on.

But I’m turning 25 this year (in September), and so I’ve decided that it’s time for me to sit down and get to work. If I want to be writing for a living by the time I’m 30, I’ve only got 5 years to go.

It’s time for me to challenge myself. It’s time for me to start getting serious about writing.

And I invite you to join me. Challenge yourself to take on whatever writing project you’ve been putting off; dust off that computer and start writing!

Lets help motivate each other to get working on our novel or screenplay or poem or short story or stage play.

What I have to offer you is inspiration, advice I’ve been given and things I’ve learned thru conducting research, attending workshops, from reading books, taking creative writing classes, and a few other things I’ve taught myself along the way.

I’ll also give a lot of thought to writing and why talented writers with great ideas still can’t just sit down and write.

So what motivates you to sit down and write? Or if you find yourself avoiding sitting down and writing, why do you think you do it?

And there you have it. (You can see the original post here.)

Seeing that post was really eye-opening for me, and showed me just how far I’ve come as a writer. It’s cool to see that my voice was already coming out in the post (ever so slightly).

I wanted to share this flashback not only to celebrate my blogiversary, but also to show you what’s possible when you start something and then stay consistent over the long-haul. I’ve now written and published more than 1,000 blog posts and I’m still at it.

I started off as the biggest procrastinating writer in the world and now I’m one of the most productive writers I know. 

If I can make a transformation like that, ANYONE can. And tomorrow I’m going to tell you more about the transformation I made and how I made it. Stay tuned…

Write with a purpose, live with intention,

#DailyThinkDifferent #DreamLifeOrBust 

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