Celebrating My 10-Year Quitiversary By Sharing The One Thing I Wish I Knew From The Beginning

I was gonna write a post about the top 10 things I’ve learned in the past 10 years of being a full-time author and entrepreneur. And it would’ve been a great post. A helpful one. A post that probably got shared quite a few times. 

But instead I decided to distill it down even more. Be more concise. Be more focused. 

Because after an entire decade of being a full-time author and entrepreneur (plus five years as a side hustle), there’s really only one thing you need to know. 

One thing that will make you wildly successful. One thing that will make you happy and fulfilled and thriving. 

And that one thing is this: feeling good is the point and the path.

Feeling good is the reason you want every single thing that you want. Every goal. Every accomplishment. Every dream. Ever desire. 

Because you believe having that thing will feel really good to you. 

Feeling good is the point. It’s the point of everything. 

And feeling good is also the path. 

The typical mindset is that you have to wait. That you have to hold off on enjoying your life or feeling good or experiencing positive high-vibe emotions until you get the thing you want or achieve the goal you’re after. 

That was my mindset when I first quit my day job to be an author. 

I was in hustle mode. I believed that I couldn’t have a social life and be successful. I worked 8-10 hours a day because I thought I had to. I skipped every single event, weekend, and fun activity I was invited to. 

I was working for myself but I wasn’t fully enjoying the freedom that’s supposed to come with it. 

I was not on the feel-good path. 

I was on the forced path. The do-it-because-I-think-I-have-to path. The struggle-and-make-it-hard path. Because that’s what I was taught was required. 

Because that’s what I thought it took to have the things and the life that I wanted. 

But all not feeling good did was put me even further away from what I dreamed of. 

‘Cause in order to receive the things that you want, you have to match the vibration of those things. And the vibration of those things feels good. 

If you try to achieve or receive the things by not feeling good—like I did for so many years over the past decade—you’re not being a vibrational match. In fact, you’re in opposition to those things and they literally cannot come to you. 

Or if they do come, it’s gonna be from working so damn hard and burning yourself out so badly that when you do get them, you won’t even be able to enjoy it. 

The truth is – you’re allowed to feel good. You’re supposed to feel good. You’re meant to feel good.

The path is feeling good. 

The path is only doing the things that feel good to you. The path is making every choice, every decision, every step, every action from a place of what feels good to you. 

The truth is that every single strategy, process, system and rule works, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best one for you. 

What’s going to work best for you is giving yourself permission to do what feels good and only what feels good.

Even if it makes no sense. Even if it seems crazy. Even if it looks illogical. Even if it’s the opposite of what everyone else is doing or telling you that you have to do. 

When you feel good, and when you do things that make you feel good every single day, you are matching the vibe of what you want. And when you match the vibe, you get the things you want. 

It might take time, as it most definitely has for me, but eventually it will happen and you will get there. 

Ten years into my journey of being a full-time author and entrepreneur, things are finally starting to look how I always knew they were meant to. And there’s still so much more of the journey to go. 

If someone had told me 10 years ago that the key to getting where I am right now was feeling good, I would’ve gotten where I am today a hell of a lot faster.

But I don’t regret any of it. This journey the past 10 years has been a wild up and down ride. 

So many things achieved. So many things manifested. So many tears shed. So much money invested. So many lessons learned. 

The most important lesson of which, is feeling good is the point and the path.

That lesson, that truth, hit me so deep I tattooed it on my arm so I never, ever forget again. 

The next 10 years of my career are going to be incredible and amazing, and success is gonna come so much faster. Because now I’m on the path. 

I’m fully tapped into the vision. I’m fully connected with the why. I’m fully doing the things I know I’m meant to be. 

And I’ve let everything else go. 

Because that’s what feels good to me. 

And now I pass this lesson on to you. 

Feeling good is the point and the path.

Dream life or bust,

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When I first started this journey 10 years ago (15 years if you include the 5 years it was a side hustle), I had NO CLUE how I would get where I am today. 

Back then, the idea of writing a book was so intimidating I procrastinated like a mofo. But I was clear on what I wanted, and I made the decision to surrender the how to the Universe. 
Today, I’m the author of 15+ books – three of which have hit #1 in my category on Amazon and become bestsellers – and 4 screens plays – one of which placed as a semi-finalist in a prominent contest.

If you had asked me 10 years ago how I’d get here, I couldn’t have told you. But if you asked me today, I’d say three little words; fuck the how.

Fuck the how!!! 

The how DOES NOT MATTER and the how IS NOT UP TO YOU! 

You decide the what and the why, and the Universe decides the how. 

Is it finally time for you to have WHATEVER you want most without worrying about how you’ll get it??

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