Celebrating My New Jeep + My 3-Year Money Journey

When I bought my Jeep Liberty in Feb 2020, I was not in a great place in my life and with money.

My business was a means to an end and I wasn’t at all happy running it or working in it. The car I had at the time was falling apart and wouldn’t pass inspection so I was forced into buying something else.

While I was super happy to have manifested my Jeep Liberty, it wasn’t exactly an ideal situation—my credit sucked and I couldn’t get financing so I had to buy my vehicle from what I call a “second chance dealership.” These dealerships work with lenders who are willing to lend money to people in bad financial situations, for an extremely high interest rate and a down payment of $1,500 (most of which I had to borrow).

The Jeep was in decent condition, considering, but even still, it had high miles, basic features (some of which didn’t work, like the AC), and had been in an accident previously.

The transaction required tons of hoop-jumping and proving of income and address, etc.

Fast-forward to now… as in today.

I just picked up my new (to me) Jeep Renegade. It has a clean CarFax. It has super low miles. It has upgraded features, like a backup camera.

I was pre-approved for the auto loan from a real, actual car loan lender. I got an amazing interest rate and didn’t have to put any money down. They took my other Jeep as a trade and paid me more for it than I owed.

It was the smoothest and most easy-peasy car buying experience I’ve ever had. Since I was pre-approved, there were no hoops and no proving of anything. I just picked out the car I wanted, test drove it, signed some papers and it was mine.

The guy I worked with at the dealership even got the interest rate down further and I was able to get an extended warranty that covers literally everything, including the AC and even the key fob.

My life and money situation are completely different today buying this Jeep than it was buying my original one.

I love what I’m doing now and my biz is thriving. My credit score has improved significantly and the other day when the car guy asked me for a deposit to hold the vehicle, I was able to easily pay it without worry.

I’m sharing all of this (and more to come) for one reason—I want you to see and know that no matter how “bad” things seem in your money sitch or life or biz or whatever, change is always possible.

You can always do better. You can always try again. You can always choose to be and think different.

It won’t happen overnight but if you keep going, IT WILL HAPPEN! 🎉💯💰🚙

P.S. If you’re ready to make a change in your money story (or any area of your life), be sure to check out my book, Quantum Leap Your Life: www.jenniferblanchard.net/quantumleap

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