Choose Your Words Based On How They’re Defined And How They Feel When You Say Them

As a writer, I obviously know A LOT of words and phrases, and I have a gift for stringing them together to make sentences and paragraphs that create impact.

So I’m always looking up the definition of different words, just to expand my vocabulary and have some fresh ways of saying things. And when I recently looked up the definitions of “Want” and “Desire,” I was blown away by what they actually mean.

❎ WANT: to be needy or destitute; to have or feel need; failure to possess.

✅ DESIRE: to express a wish for; to hope for; a conscious impulse toward something that promises enjoyment or satisfaction.


Then I said those words out loud, to see how they felt in my body when I said them.

When I said: I want [insert something], it felt empty and hollow.

But when I said: I desire [insert something], it felt like warm sunshine all through my body.

And that’s because desire is a higher-vibe-frequency word than want.

Want feels like lack and limitation. It feels like I don’t have it yet.

That’s a very clearly defined feeling that then sends a vibrational signal out to the Universe that says I don’t have this thing I want.

All the Universe can do from that place is send you more of the same… more of not having the thing you want.

And that’s not because the Universe is cruel or unfair or doesn’t give you what you want.

It’s simply because this is an inclusive, energy-based Universe with a very powerful universal law known as the Law of Attraction, which says whatever frequency you put out you will get back more things on that same frequency.

So when you say you want things, you send out a lack frequency that can only send you back more things that match lack. ‘Cause like attracts like at the level of vibration in our Universe.

But desire feels like warmth and love and even if I don’t have this thing yet I know that I get to have it and it’s on its way to me right now.

That is also a clearly defined feeling that then sends a vibrational signal out to the Universe that says I’m asking for this and since I’ve asked for it, I know this or something better will show up for me because when you ask you shall receive.

And from that place, the Universe can answer your request and send you what you’re asking for or something even better that you didn’t think or know to ask for.

It’s always about how words are defined AND how they make you feel when you say them.

If you’ve been wanting something for a while now and you still haven’t received it, most likely that’s because you haven’t been able to make the word “want” feel good to you. And because it doesn’t feel good, using it only continues to send you back more things that don’t feel good. (Yes, there are people who do feel good saying the word want, but for most people, want doesn’t feel good and is the wrong word choice for them.)

Try saying DESIRE and see what happens.

Train yourself to use desire in place of want going forward. Ask for the things you desire and feel the feeling of your ask being answered.

When you do, you’ll begin to receive more of what you desire, and less of what you don’t.

‘Cause remember, feeling good is the point and the path. 🔥

Dream life or bust,


P.S. If you’re tired of sabotaging yourself and continuing to live a life or an area of life that feels like Groundhog’s Day, email me and let’s chat about working together to defeat the self-sabotage and reprogram your subconscious mind, so you can be happier, feel better and have more of the things you desire. 

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