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So let me ask you a question you may or may not have ever answered before:

Why do you write?

It’s important to know the answer to this one, because when you’re feeling down and out, like you want to quit it all and give up for good, the answer will save you.

Your Writing “Why”‘

Your “why” is the driving force behind every choice you make and every action you take. It’s the force that makes you sit down to write, even when you’re sleepy and feeling uninspired. It’s the reason you sacrifice social time for solitude.

When you know the reason behind why you write, you’ll take yourself seriously. You’ll write like you’re a professional. You’ll treat your writing and your creativity time with the respect it needs and deserves.

For example, I write because I can’t not write. I spent about five of my life not writing and it was the most torturous period of time for me. I lost myself. I had no idea who I even was anymore. None of my choices or actions made any sense.

I write to fulfill the deep desire inside to create and to put words on the page. I write to feed the flame of my heart, my life source, the thing that keeps me going day in and day out.

For me writing isn’t just a job or a hobby, it’s my life. I may be a lot of things: an artist, a chef, a teacher, a coach, a friend… but at the core of me, I am a writer.

This “why” is what kept me sitting down every single day this month to write a post for this #CreativeRecharge, even when I was too busy or having an off day or just damn well didn’t feel like it. This “why” keeps me writing my fingers to the bone to create all the things I want to create in this world.

When you connect with your reason for writing, you will recharge your creativity in ways you can’t imagine. Spend some time reconnecting today.

Reconnect With Your Writing “Why”

Here are some steps you can take to reconnect with your writing “why”:

  • Read the post 3 Tips to Help You Find Your Writing “Why”
  • Write your “why” down and post it where you write, slightly out of your eye line so you have to turn to read it
  • Repeat it to yourself every day until you feel it in every part of your body and soul

Your writing “why” is powerful. A lot more powerful than you think.

Give it a try, you’ll see what I mean.

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