The Crazy Thing I Did This Morning

I’ve been on my writing journey since I was 11 years old, but in the last five months, shit has gotten REAL. I’ve stepped it up BIG TIME.

A year ago, I had finally published my first novel–a debut 18 years in the making. But then I got stagnant. I let the success of getting my novel out there be enough.

I killed the momentum I built by letting it ride, instead of celebrating and then getting back to work on the next book. I let it be enough.

But the truth is, it’s not enough. Not nearly. Because I want to have hundreds of published books, in all forms.

And why not?? I have TONS and TONS of ideas for books I can write. Most I’ll probably never write, but of the thousands of ideas, hundreds will come through as “I’ve gotta write that.”

That’s just the kind of writer and author I want to be.

When did this vision for my writing life solidify? When I met a multi-bestselling authorpreneur named Kat Loterzo. She has published 47 books–46 of which were best sellers on Amazon. And when I met her, it was like the vision for my writing life opened up.

I want to build a writing empire centered around my books and me as an authorpreneur. 

She was the first author who made the self-publishing career I want to create for myself seem attainable. She inspired me to no end.

So I joined a bunch of her group programs, which totally changed everything for me. Her work got me aligned to the work that I’m meant to be doing in the world and the message I’m here to share with writers. She brought out the writer and author I’ve always known was inside me, but who I was previously too scared to fully step up and be.

Since meeting Kat five months ago, I have:

  • Become an Amazon Best Selling author in multiple categories
  • Published 2 eBooks (one of which hit #1 on Amazon multiple times)
  • Sold almost 1,500 books
  • Added 2,000+ new subscribers to my email list
  • Started listening to my intuition and letting go of planning (day-to-day planning, that is; I will always be a story planner)
  • Been more visible online than I ever have before
  • Committed to writing and publishing 9 books in 2016 (8 eBooks and 1 novel)
  • Revamped all of my writing habits
  • Aligned my writing habits, thoughts, feelings and actions to the success I dream of having
  • Taken action, consistently, every day
  • Created more content than ever before
  • Had more ease, flow, joy in my daily life
  • Gotten more new clients
  • Made connections with some big-name players in the writing world

A good mentor brings that kind of progress out in you. Which is why this morning I finally did something that I’ve been thinking about doing since that first group program I took with her.

I hired Kat as my 1-on-1 mentor.

I stepped WAY WAY WAY out of my comfort zone and bet on myself. I stretched myself beyond where I’d usually go. And I put my money where my dream is (the most money I’ve ever invested, aside from going to college).

Am I freaking out? YES! Majorly freaking out.

In a good way. This is a HUGE leap of faith for me.

But I know the Universe is totally gonna catch me and support me in making this leap. Because that’s the Universe’s job.

Your job is to decide what you want and why you want it, then the Universe goes to work figuring out the How. All you have to do is keep moving in that direction.

A week ago I asked myself, “If I’m in the same place next year at this time as I am right now… will I be upset about it?” And the answer was YES. I’ll be VERY upset about it. I always want to see progress and I want to see myself grow and, at minimum, double up on my success from the previous year (though tripling and quadrupling up is just fine too 😉 ).

So this morning, I made a leap of faith. I paid Kat the first payment for her 6-week program and I’m IN.

Doing this was incredibly scary and yet also incredibly freeing. Because I’ve not only seen Kat’s work with other authors and entrepreneurs (as well as with herself), but I’ve also experienced incredible success just by being in the same virtual vicinity as she is.

I’m a better authorpreneur when she’s around. And I CANNOT WAIT to see what I accomplish when I actually get to interact 1-1 with her on a regular basis!!!! 

This is the biggest leap of faith action I’ve taken since quitting my job in 2012 to work full-time for myself. But you need to take leap of faith actions from time-to-time, because it shows the Universe a very clear message that you are ready for more and willing to do whatever it takes. So I’m committed to taking frequent leaps of faith.

Now I turn the tables to you: When was the last time you took a leap of faith action? When was the last time you went after something you wanted so badly you could taste it? 

If you can’t think of an answer for this… it’s time to reevaluate. Because if you want to do great things in the world, it requires you to think BIG and act BOLD.

Fortune favors the bold.

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