5 Ways to Boost Your Creative Juices Using Your Nose

This is a guest post from blogger Cindy Coons. I asked her to write this post after she approached me with the idea of using scents to unblock yourself and get inspired to write again. Cindy is going to share her top 5 scents for helping you to boost your creative juices. Enjoy!–jen

By Cindy Coons

As a relatively new writer, I have been thinking about various ways to get the proverbial juices flowing. Many writers use certain triggers to create ambiance for the perfect masterpiece. They will listen to music that assists in the flow of their words.

Others will write with a specific pen. The touch of it provides assurance that there are hidden words in there just waiting to be released. Still others need set the stage, whether the beach, or in a park or in the mountains so when they look up, they can see their words come alive in front of them.

Some of my favorite writers are those who eat chocolate or drink a special tea or coffee to extract the creative juices. As a lover of essential oils I started thinking, hearing, tasting, seeing, touching….what about scenting? As in scenting your writing space?!

Making Sense of Smelling

Part of the reason people may go to the beach or hang out at their local bakery or cafe isn’t just that it makes them happy or the food is really good.

Unknowing to most, the sense of smell, seemingly so innocent, is amazingly one of the most mind-altering. It is one of our most primal senses, so we often dismiss it’s abilities and focus on the other senses to get us through the day.

So the questions remains, can the sense of smell be the key that unlocks the creative part of your brain?

Without going into too much science, when you smell something, it travels up your nose through some 50,000,000 receptor cells, hits the olfactory bulb and is translated into a message. The message can be transcribed differently based on your genetics.

During translation, the smell affects your limbic system, which has a direct and indirect influence on so many of our body systems, such as the regulation of the fight-or-flight and stress response, as well as behavior and motivation.

So, can certain scents can affect the way you feel, how motivated you are, as well as reduce your stress and perhaps unlock amazing ideas hidden in your head? Yes!

5 Scents for Boosting Your Creative Juicing

1. Linguistically Gifted Lavender

If you are having trouble getting your words out, lavender is the queen of oils. Lavender is the oil of communication, and by diffusing this oil, you will open up your ability to get the words out, as well as decrease your stress associated with not being able to write. It helps to unleash your innermost thoughts and feelings, allowing you to connect with your true self.

2. Lift Up Your Spirits Lemon

Besides smelling like a Starburst, lemon oil is the oil of Focus. If you are having a tough time sitting down and writing, or you have a deadline you have to meet, lemon is your go-to oil.

Lemon will help to clear out the self-judgment that oftentimes holds you back from living up to your true writing potential. It also helps to balance mental fatigue and restore your energy.

I call it sunshine in a bottle! Vitamin D has nothing over lemon oil.

3. Believe In Yourself Bergamot

If you tend to be overly judgmental about your writing or are having a tough time being optimistic about how amazing your writing will be, you need some bergamot oil. More commonly known at the flavor in Earl Grey tea, bergamot is the oil of self-acceptance.

It will awaken your emotions of hope, love, and help give you confidence in yourself.

4. Peppermint the Powerhouse

Similar to bergamot, peppermint oil will help you get past yourself. This oil brings joy and light to your heart and soul.

It has the power to invigorate, stimulate and help keep you awake!

If you are in need of something as an afternoon pick-me-up to keep writing, peppermint is your go-to oil.

This is also a great oil to diffuse during brainstorming sessions, as it will allow your memories to be recalled easier.

5. Wealthy and Wise Wild Orange

Last, but certainly not least, is one of my favorites, and what I am diffusing as I write this blog post, wild orange. Orange is the oil of Abundance.

If you need to spark your creative juices, and want to believe in spontaneity, fun and joy, diffuse wild orange oil. This will help inspire you to solve writing problems, such as how to start a chapter or figuring out the perfect ending be.

Wild orange oil gives you confidence that you have the answer inside just waiting to come out.

Whenever you feel stuck or like you’re not writing up to your potential, use these common scents to get your juices flowing!

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Have you ever used essential oils? What was your experience like? If not, which scent are you most interested in trying?

About the Author: Cindy Coons is a corporate convert, natural healthcare advocate, mother, wife, lmt and overall free spirit trying to find her way in the world and share her gifts. She is currently working on her first book. She believes anything is possible and she enjoys educating and mentoring others on how to achieve the naturally abundant life they always dreamed of. Cindy lives in Rochester, NY with her family. You can follow her at http://cindysessentials.com or https://www.facebook.com/cindy.coons.714. She personally recommends that you use doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils.

Image courtesy of Dennis Wong

8 Replies to “5 Ways to Boost Your Creative Juices Using Your Nose”

  1. Loved this article! Lavender works for me, as well as orange – but the best scent to stir my creativity seems to be coffee brewing. It also helps to ingest some of that coffee as well 🙂

  2. Love this post! I actually have a few of these oils on hand (lemon, lavender and peppermint), so it’s great to know that aside from smelling wonderful, they can actually help my writing!

  3. Hi Ladies!! Glad you like the post! There are many different ways to use the basic trio, Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint:-) check out this site! http://www.doterraeveryday.com/101-uses/ The coolest part is we just launched one of our newest products to help with seasonal allergies. Traditionally we use 2 drops, lemon, lavender and peppermint in 1 Tbs water every morning. Now it comes in pre made capsules! Have a great day…CIndy

  4. I don’t use essential oils very often, but I do stay well-stocked in candles and scented wax melts. I’m a huge fan of choosing the right scents for your work.

    I started using these after reading a study years ago from Japan where companies were putting pine scent into the ventilation systems of their offices, and there was a positive impact on productivity.

    I’ve seen similar effects with pine, so it’s my favorite when I have to hunker down and get things done.

    I use cinnamon when I need to focus on more creative projects.

    And I use pumpkin and lavender if I’m writing in the evening or if I’m feeling stressed. It helps me relax a bit more so I can focus on my writing, and I find that I feel less inhibited with the more relaxing scents, so I try to reserve that time for writing fiction if I’m going to write in the evenings at all.

    1. @Jennifer I’m a huge fan of pine! Although it does make me think of the holidays, so I don’t know if it’s a scent I could smell all the time. Pumpkin I definitely need to try thou, thanks for that recommendation!

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