How A Tragedy Inspired Me To Hit “Publish”

One year ago today, I lost someone who meant a lot to me—my business mentor, Jeff Newland. A man who was as kind as he was inspiring. He was the first person who made me feel like I could create value for other people by focusing on doing the things I love.

At the time I was working on my new book—a project I’d had in mind for awhile, but hadn’t finished. I was almost a month past the initial launch date, because I just didn’t have the confidence to put it out there.

The month was winding down and I knew it was time to step up, finish the book and publish it. Then tragedy struck.

Jeff was found, shot dead in a corn field.

My world came to a halt. Everything I was doing no longer had meaning. All the projects I was working on I didn’t care about anymore.

Except my book. But I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it.

So I let it sit on my computer, collecting virtual dust.

Then a few months ago a thought occurred to me—if Jeff was still here, he’d be yelling at me for not having finished and published my book.

And so I finished it.

Creativity-on-Command-v5-1-2Creative On Command: Instant Inspiration Exactly When You Need It

In honor of my late mentor, today I’m so excited to share that my new book is now available on Kindle! 

Let’s get something straight—this book is different than other books on creativity and writer’s block you may have read. The foundational belief in this book is that creative energy comes from within, and that when you nourish yourself and your creativity, you’ll be unstoppable as a writer.

If you’re finding yourself blocked or looking for ways to squeeze out some more creativity, I would recommend this book.”—J.J. Heiney

It’s easy to believe all the advice out there about how you have to “find the time of day that you’re most creative” or “skip your writing session when you’re feeling blocked.” But that’s a bunch of hooey.

There is absolutely a way for you to have direct access to your creative well at all times, and to turn your creativity on instantly, whenever you need it.

This guide will help you become creative on command, by revealing:

  • How to eat for the things writers need most—energy, clarity and focus
  • The movement you can do to get unstuck and into a creative flow
  • Routines you can create to nourish your creativity daily

>> Grab Your Copy of Creative On Command

“This book helped me see creativity in a whole new light. My writing is significantly better because of it.”Heather R.

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