Creativity Tool: The Brain Book

Since this blog is all about fueling your creativity, I’m constantly on the look out for great resources to share with you. But not just any old resource. I’m looking for ones that will help you take your creativity to the next level.

I came across one such tool the other day. It’s called a “Brain Book.”

The Brain Book

A “Brain Book” is an on-the-go writing kit created by Gabriela Pereira of, as a way for her to take her office and writing space with her when she’s writing away from home.

She says:

The Brain Book consists of the following items all stored in a zipper pouch: a medium-sized notebook, fountain pens in an assortment of colors, stickers and a variety of knick-knacks or ‘mascots.’ The idea is to keep a little bit of my office and writing space with me tucked into this zipper pouch so that even when I’m writing on-the-go I have everything I need to feel home with my writing…

When I need a creative boost, I grab my Brain Book and head to a cafe or nearby park/garden to hang out for an hour. During that time, I brainstorm and work out my ideas on paper without judging or over-thinking any one concept. When I come home, I’ve usually got the start of something I can work with.

Having a “Brain Book” of your own can make it easy for you to create whenever the mood strikes you. This is something badass creative people do.

As I like to say, a writer never leaves home without a pen. But using a tool kit like a “Brain Book,” you can now also never leave home without the other essentials you need to be creative.

My Process

We all have things that inspire us and help us get our writing done. For Gabriela it’s her “Brain Book.” For others it’s carrying a small notebook at all times. And other writers have an entirely different process.

For me, I always do my creating in Moleskine notebooks. When I’m writing in my Moleskine, I’m able to brainstorm and list things and just really dig into an idea. There’s just something about writing in one of these notebooks that makes the creative process smoother.

At least for me. You have to find what works for you.

If you’re a Moleskine person too, you know that the best part is the large notebooks come with a pocket on the back cover, so you can keep additional stuff in there, like index cards or pictures.

I use the pocket in my notebook for my story planning note cards. That way whenever I’m brainstorming the plot of a novel, I can pull the cards out for a quick refresher.

Share With Us

What’s your process for brainstorming and creating? Do you have an on-the-go writing kit?

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