Dating Versus Man-ifesting

When I was ready to call in a dream guy and relationship, I knew that the modern way of dating just wasn’t for me.

I didn’t want to spend hours of my life swiping left and right on dating apps. I didn’t want to go on a bunch of dates with different people or have to talk to and get to know a ton of different guys before finding someone I wanted to date. I didn’t want to be disappointed over and over again. And I definitely didn’t want any random hookups.

No judgment on any of that stuff, and it’s totally fine if you’re into it. I’m just not.

But I did know that I was ready to find my guy.

So I did what I do with anything I desire to have, but don’t want to go through the normal process that most people use: I manifest it. Or, in this case, Man-ifest it.

The traditional way of dating says you have to do things like:

  • Meet lots of different people
  • Have lots of convos with different people
  • Go on a date with someone to see if you vibe
  • Sign up for dating apps
  • Spend time swiping left and right, trying to find a match
  • Get people to set you up
  • Go on blind dates
  • Go to speed-dating events
  • Use an online dating service
  • Use a match-making service

Like I said, all fine if you’re into it.

But the Man-ifest way of dating is a totally different and better way to do it. One that doesn’t require any of what I just listed.

The Man-ifest way of dating says that you have to do things like:

  • Have massive clarity on what it is you desire in another person and a relationship
  • Ask the Universe for what you want and to support you in figuring out the How
  • Know how worthy and deserving you are, just as you are
  • Do the inner work to deal with the limiting beliefs, old stories, unworthiness, and subconscious programming that keeps you from being a vibrational match for what you desire
  • Create the feeling inside yourself of already having the love and person and relationship you desire
  • Show up and live your damn life, without worrying about whether you’ll ever find your dream man
  • When you get an inspired idea for an action to take, you take it, and in doing so, receive the How that leads to your dream man and relationship

Without casual dating. Without dating apps. Without swiping left or right.

UNLESS, of course, you are GUIDED TO those actions FROM WITHIN, as you do all the other things I listed.

That is how you skip over the steps most people go through to have what they want, and quantum leap from where you are to where you want to be.

Within four months of using my Man-ifest Method, I called into my life the most amazing, aligned, soulmate human, dream man. And I skipped over all the other stuff that most people do when they’re dating.

‘Cause that’s how I roll.

Dream life or bust,


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