The Decision At Every Turn

There I was, sitting on my couch on July 1, staring down at a blank Moleskine. It was that time of the month–the time when I come up with my 30-day goals.

Usually I’ve got a ton of stuff going on and I can just barely keep up with myself. But for the month of July, I was stuck. Other than publishing my new eBook, I didn’t really have any other plans in mind.

Problem is, not having anything going on for the month–or not having enough going on–is not an option for me. I need to make and see progress, in myself, in my writing life and in my business, every single month. So I’ve gotta have specific 30-day goals to focus on every day.

Now this is one of those moments that happen often to writers. You’re sitting there and you don’t know what to write or you have no idea what project to work on next or you’re not really that excited about anything you’re working on at the moment.

And in these moments you have two choices: buy into the BS that you don’t know what to do or write or whatever OR create another reality.

Thats’s a choice you have in every single moment of every single day. You get to choose the reality that you live in.

So you can either buy into a reality where you’re stuck, don’t know what to write, have no ideas and don’t know what to do. OR you can create a new reality where you know exactly what to write, and everything you write flows with ease, and you always have brilliant ideas.

Which reality is more inspiring to you?

So that’s where I was at. Blank Moleskine, no ideas for what I wanted to accomplish this month.

But instead of doing the thing I usually do, which is sit around for two weeks, buying into my BS and not taking action, I decided, in that moment, not to. Not to buy into the BS. Not to let the “I don’t know what to do” excuse be a part of my reality. Not anymore.

Because we always know what to do. The answers are always inside us. But we have to be open to receiving them.

And, sadly, a lot of times, we’re not. We’re not open and we’re not willing. In fact, sometimes we’re perfectly happy wallowing in our misery and in what’s not working.

But that’s the shit that keeps you stuck and not making consistent progress.

Which is why there’s a decision at every turn–every moment–in life. And that decision is: am I gonna buy into this current reality? OR am I going to create something different? 

Over and over again, you’re presented with this decision. Problem is, a lot of times you don’t notice or even realize it. So you just buy into the current reality.

But now that you’re aware and you know that this happens, you can actively make the choice to not go down that road. To not buy into the BS of your current reality or any of the negative, limiting thoughts in your head.

To, instead, create the reality you want to see. That’s what I did.

I made a list of 31 things I could create this month. And then I took a nap. (Naps can be a very effective manifestation tool if you use them right.)

BUT–and here’s where the using it right part comes in–before I went to sleep, I set an intention for when I woke up, and that intention was: I will know what to create and focus the month of July on.

When I first woke up from my nap…nothing. I still wasn’t totally sure what to create, but then my husband said to me, “did you see that question someone posted on your Facebook wall the other day?” I hadn’t, so I went on Facebook to check the question out and it went something like this: how do I grow my following as an emerging author? 

BOOM! A sign from the Universe… which aligned with one of the 31 ideas I had brainstormed earlier in the day. I will do a workshop in the month of July teaching emerging authors how to grow their following online. (And I have another workshop that I’m brainstorming on right now.)

The point of all this, is to show you how powerful it can be to combine practical actions with energetic ones. It’s really the intersecting of these two types of actions where the most powerful manifestation takes place.

You can use these energetic and practical actions in your life, moment to moment, as you go through your day. Over and over again, to create your life exactly as you want it to be.

BUT–you have to make that choice. You have to actively, intentionally, on purpose choose not to stay stuck, not to buy into the BS, not to get caught up in the madness that goes on in your head at times.

And if you can do that, you can have any life you dream of.

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