Define What You Want As A General End Result And Let The Universe Handle The Details

There’s so much misinformation out there about the Law of Attraction and how it works. I’m going to clear some of that misinformation up for you right now, so you can begin using the Law to manifest the things you want in your life and faster than you ever thought possible.


Misinformation #1: You have to focus on the specific details of what you want 

Often when people teach about the Law of Attraction they tell you that you need to be very specific about what you want. They’ll say you should make a list of what you want and all of the specific details about it. 

They’ll even tell you the more specific, the better. 

And specifics are great. It’s a good thing to know whether you want a Jeep Wrangler or a Jeep Cherokee and what color and body style you’re looking for. It’s good to be clear on exactly what you want.

But the specifics aren’t supposed to be what you focus on. The specifics are there to help you get to the feeling place of what you want.

Specifics are for creating the feeling of having it now. 

Problem is, most people get so caught up in the specifics of what they want that they actually block it from coming to them. Especially when those specifics require certain people to behave in a certain way.

The specifics of what you want can help you create the feeling of believing that what you want is yours, and that’s a good thing. What you feel is everything when it comes to manifesting.

But when the specifics cause you to become attached to what you want, that’s where you get into trouble. So focus on the specific details to get to the feeling place of it, while remaining unattached.

Misinformation #2: Being general isn’t detailed or clear enough

When it comes to manifesting, the specific details of what you want are unimportant. 

Yet so many people who teach about Law of Attraction talk about getting into the specific details as a way of making sure you get what you actually want. And then people get into fear that if they leave a specific detail out the Universe might bring them something they don’t want. 

I call bullshit on that.

Your Higher Self knows you. Very well. And the Universe knows what you truly desire. You don’t need to get caught up in the specific details of what you want. You just have to define it as a general end result and let the Universe handle the rest. 

Getting caught up in the specific details of what you want is what causes you to push it away.

How do you remedy this? Go general.

For example, let’s say you want to fall in love. 

Most Law of Attraction gurus will tell you to make a list of the specific details you want in the other person: tall; blue eyes; dark hair; plays basketball, etc. And, yes, getting clear on what you want is part of the manifestation process. 

The problem comes in when you get caught up on these specific details. 

First, if you’re attached to the specific details then you literally push away everyone else, and there could be a totally amazing match for what you want who’s ready right now to show up in your physical reality and make you happier than you ever thought you could be. But he has brown eyes instead of blue and by attaching yourself to the blue eyes, you push away someone who could be a perfect match for you in all other ways.

The details are unimportant. The details are there to help you get to a feeling place of being in love with someone who’s a match for you. And that’s it. 

The details don’t actually matter when it comes to manifesting what you want. And when you’re so attached to the specific details, you risk that you may never actually get it or that it will take a really, really, long time to get it.  

That’s why it’s better to define what you want as a general end result. 

So instead of saying you want to find love with a tall guy who has blue eyes and dark hair and plays basketball, you instead focus on what you actually want, in general, which is deep, aligned, soul-connected, best friends, grow-and-expand-together love. 

And then you leave the details to the Universe. 

Your Higher Self knows you and knows what you prefer and what you don’t. You don’t have to worry so much about the specific details.

And then you also give the Universe the opportunity to surprise you with someone who’s even better than the specifics you could come up with. 

When you ask for a tall guy with blue eyes and dark hair who plays basketball, you limit what the Universe can do for you. You limit who’s available for you. And you also slow down how fast what you want can show up. 

But when you ask for deep, aligned, soul-connected, best friends, grow-and-expand-together love, you give the Universe the ability to find that love for you fast.

Maybe all the guys who are going to give you the deep, aligned, soul-connected, best friends, grow-and-expand-together love that you want have blonde hair or green eyes or prefer baseball to basketball. And maybe you’d be happier and more in love than you even knew was possible with one of these guys.

But when you attach yourself to unimportant details, like tall, blue eyes, dark hair, plays basketball, etc., you keep those aligned guys from coming into your life. 

So get into the specific details as a way of creating the feeling of what you want. But stay unattached from the specifics.

Instead, attach yourself to the general end result of what you want–the deep, aligned, soul-connected, best friends, grow-and-expand-together love–and leave the specific details up to the Universe. 

Dream life or bust,


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