Did You Hear I’m Doing A Free Workshop On Test Driving Your Dreams

So I’ve been building an online “shop” over the past few weeks, to have a place where I can sell all of the digital courses and products 

I’ve created over the past decade. 

And while I was working on the shop a couple of weeks ago, I realized I really, REALLY wanted to have a digital course in there that goes with my book, Test Drive Your Dreams. 

Then I got the download that I should run a TDYD workshop for FREE, so I can have it to then turn into a self-paced digital course to sell in my new shop. 


All you have to do to get in is:

1. Buy a paperback copy of Test Drive Your Dreams, and 

2. Email your receipt to: support@jenniferblanchard.net 

That’s it!

pastedGraphic.png Buy the book here: www.dreamlifeorbust.com

pastedGraphic_1.pngFull details about the FREE workshop here: www.jenniferblanchard.net/testdrive 

The Test Drive Your Dreams course will be available inside my online shop after the live sessions end, but it will never again be available as a freebie just for buying a copy of the book. 

So this is a huge opportunity! Don’t miss it!! pastedGraphic_2.png

Dream life or bust,

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