Divine Timing and What It Means

What if everything was happening in perfect timing and you could just ask for what you want in every moment and actually get it?

What if you’re never in the wrong place? What if everything is happening in perfect divine timing for you to achieve and receive everything you’ve been asking for and dreaming of?

What if you took a deep breath and instead of fighting what is and wasting energy on worrying and stressing out and working yourself into a chaotic frenzy, you just decided and intended for a different outcome?

What if it really IS all in your hands? (Yes, you are being inspired and guided along the way, but that inspiration and guidance isn’t random… it’s pointing you toward your path and toward the dreams you already have living inside you.)

And what if all you had to do to unlock this magic, this connection, this power, was to ask for it? Whenever you want it and exactly how you want it.

In the moment, just ask for you what you want. And not only ask, but also know and feel and believe that you can have it and that it’s yours.

Timing is everything. And time is manipulatable.

What’s happening may not always make sense and it may not always be logical. But if you can just trust and have faith that every moment is leading you closer and closer to your dream life and all the things you really want, so long as you take action and continue to trust in the timing.

This morning I got to Starbucks a little later than I usually do. I try to get my morning blog post written by 10/10:30. But today I was running later than usual (I blame it on staying up ’til 2:30 a.m. watching and deconstructing The Transporter, just for the hell of it; good movie, by the way, if you haven’t already seen it).

When I got up to the register to order, I looked around and realized there were no seats available that had a table. It was a packed house.

Immediately I defaulted to the typical way of thinking: Plan B. I looked around at what else was available… a communal table with a family of four already taking up most of it, a set of chairs with no table, or sitting outside in the Houston heat. None of which felt like good options.

And then something hit me… I didn’t have to turn to Plan B. I didn’t have to default to thinking I can’t have what I want. I can choose right now in this moment to ask for what I want and believe I can have it.

So as the barista was ringing up my order, I said silently to myself: I always get a table to myself in a good location.

It just came to me, like a bolt of lightning to say that and to think that way. And I acted on it.

I walked down to the end of the bar and waited for my drink (decaf soy latte–I don’t drink caffeine) and gluten-free sandwich. I got my stuff and then turned around to see what was available.

Nothing. Until I started walking away from the counter, and suddenly the lady who had been sitting at the private corner table just up and walked out the door. Just like that.

And a spot opened for me.

At a private table, all to myself. In the corner where I can hole up and do my writing.

All because I decided to stick with Plan A, that I was gonna get a table to myself in a good location, and not let my mind focus on Plan B.

Plan B wasn’t even an option. I just decided to have Plan A and I asked for it.

In the moment. As I was looking around at a situation that didn’t please me. And I chose.

I chose that I could have exactly what I wanted. I chose that I do have the ability to manipulate time and energy by asking for exactly what I wanted, instead of defaulting to Plan B.

We all have this power, to create exactly what we want to feel and experience in every moment.

I was unavailable for Plan B and so I got Plan A. I decided that it wasn’t too much to ask the Universe for what I really wanted and to believe that I could have it.

And so what I wanted is what showed up for me.

It comes back to timing. That lady was probably just finishing up her coffee as I was waiting at the counter and when I was energetically ready to sit down with my food and drink, she was energetically ready to move on with her day.

So she left and I received the private table in the good location that I asked for.


Things like that have been happening to me A LOT lately as I’ve given myself permission to ask for exactly what I want in the moment and to choose the experience I want to have and the feelings I want to feel.

And I’m now trusting in the timing of my life.

I now believe that however fast or slow or late or early I used to say I was, I now know I’m in the perfect place at the perfect time and everything is unfolding perfectly for me to achieve my ultimate dream life and get all the things I’m asking for.

To me, living your dream life isn’t just about doing and having. It’s about BEING. It’s about embodying the person and the lifestyle and the beliefs and way of thinking and the energetic power that aligns with you having your dream life.

I love being able to walk into a Starbucks, energetically ask the Universe to free up a table for me and to receive it immediately. I love making the lines move faster at Target because I always tell myself as I’m walking up to choose a line that I always choose the line that moves the fastest (and sometimes they even open a new line just for me!). I love being able to choose.

And the truth is we all have this power and we’ve all had it since the day we were born and even before. We have the power to choose our thoughts and choose how we experience things and choose how we feel and choose what we ask for.

You can choose every single day in every single moment what you want to experience and think and feel and receive.

The problem is it’s hard to believe this if you haven’t so far been living your life in Universal flow and timing, because you’re always telling yourself that you’re late or early or too busy or too fast or too slow or whatever you’ve been telling yourself, instead of knowing and believing that everything is happening in the exact right timing. But you can change that experience right now.

I’m sure you can think of several examples where you thought you were late for something and then you got there right on time. Or you thought you missed something and then they were doing it again. Or when you thought you screwed something up, but then it ends up being exactly what worked or what helped.

This is divine timing in action. This is proof that your life is unfolding exactly at the right time. And if you can just trust in this timing and then ask for what you want moment-to-moment, you can have it.

Your dream life is in your hands. But it’s up to you to ask for what you really want, believe you can have it, take action from that place and then be open to it actually showing up.

Dream life or bust,


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