Do You Ever Just Impress The Hell Out Of Yourself?

I was just listening to the training I recorded yesterday on how to get anything you want by saying Fuck the How and I impressed the hell out of myself. 

I don’t usually listen back to the things I record before I put them out. To be honest, I was in a total flow moment as I recorded it and I couldn’t even remember all of what I said. 

I had just come out of a meditation and mindset work session and had eaten some yummy pumpkin pie baked oatmeal topped with crispy bacon. It was a whole vibe and I was feeling it. 

So I recorded the training after saying a prayer (which I always try to remember to do before I create the things).

While I was recording it, I could feel that it was all coming out perfectly and I was articulating everything in a way that made it really clear and easy to understand AND implement (that’s a biggie for me!). 

After I was finished, I couldn’t remember much of what I talked about. It was like something had taken over my body and spoke through me. That’s how it is for me when I’m in a connected-to-soul state and I love it. 

Before I let myself get into a panic about it, I just put the training up on the internet and shared it with my community. I always trust that the right things came out and more than anything else, the energy of it communicated everything you needed to hear. 

But then today I got into my head, like I usually do, and started worrying that I went on a tangent and never wrapped back to finish a thought I started or that it was total gobbledygook (yes, that’s a word LOL). 

So I re-listened to my Fuck the How training. And I was so damn impressed. 

I could feel my energy, my certainty, my absolute truth coming through. I explained everything and gave examples in a way that just totally flowed and one sentence led naturally to the next. 

It felt good. 

And by the end I realized—holy shit! I have allowed myself to be held back by my ego for YEARS now when I have THIS level of gold inside of me!! 

But no more. 

This methodology for getting what you want without needing to know How you’ll do it, needs to be shared with more people. It needs to be spread through the world so more writers and creatives and dreamers can get out of their own way and live the lives they know they’re meant for. 

I’m the first to admit I’m a control freak. I’m an over-thinker. I get caught up on the How of making something happen all the time. 

But when it came to getting the things I’ve dreamed of thus far, I never once knew the How before I started. 

Not when I decided to write my first novel. Not when I decided to quit my corporate day job to work for myself. Not when I manifested my divorce. Not when I manifested the love of my life. And not when I created the amazing soul-aligned business I now have. 

I never once pre-planned any of the steps. Because I had no idea what they even would’ve been. 

I simply knew what I wanted, believed I could have it, and then I surrendered it to the Universe. 

I just did my part and I allowed the Universe to do its part. And it always worked. 

That’s what it means to Fuck the How. 

If that sounds like something you could use a little more of in your life, I invite you to download my FREE training: Fuck the How: 

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Dream life or bust,

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