Do You Have A Container For Your Art?

For the longest time, I wanted to make more audios. On the daily, I would get downloads for messages or inspiration throughout the day that I wanted to share.

But I just wasn’t doing it.

So the other day I asked myself, what’s stopping me from making more audios? And what came up was something so ridiculous, and yet how often do we let ridiculous things stop us?

What was stopping me was that I had updated my SoundCloud account to be a different focus (originally it was being used for my Pro Writer Mindset podcast, which has now morphed into the Jennifer Blanchard Show), and iTunes had updated the info but not the image. The image on iTunes podcasts was still for the old show.

If I don’t feel comfortable promoting something publicly, I won’t put additional time and energy into it. And that’s what I was letting stop me.

I didn’t want to share the show publicly because if you went to iTunes, it was the wrong image. (Yeah, I’m a control freak AND a perfectionist like that.) And so I just didn’t make the audios I wanted to make or tell anyone about them.

Then the other day I decided, OK, it’s time to remedy this and set myself up for success. So I went into my iTunes podcast account, deleted the entire podcast, then re-uploaded it again. When it re-uploaded, the image and the info were all correct.

And since then I’ve been making tons of audios (14 in the past week and a half!!).

When you have a container for your art–a way to output that art and get it into the world–you’re much more likely to do it. Especially if that container is also easy to access.

I record audios on my phone using the RecUp app. Those audios automatically download to Dropbox, and then I either upload it to my SoundCloud account (which takes .5 seconds) or I text my Biz Manager and ask her to upload it for me and send me the link (also takes .5 seconds).

Simple. Easy. Fast. And helps me have a container to get more audios out on a more consistent basis.

My challenge to you… what can you do to create a container/set yourself up for success when it comes to creating your art and getting it out into the world? Share in the comments and then go do it.

Oh, and you can listen to an audio I made about this topic here:…/do-you-have-a-container-for-your-a…

Dream life or bust,


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