Do You Know The Golden Rule Of Creativity?

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While I was doing research for this #CreativeRecharge challenge, I came across a blog post on that was so simple and perfect I couldn’t not share it with you. In fact, I’ve been waiting for Day 20 to come around so I could finally show it to you.

The ABCs of Creativity

When you’re a creative being, it’s almost impossible for you to not be creating something. You might not always be creating the writing you want to be creating, but you are probably still creating in some way.

Maybe you cooked a meal from scratch. Maybe you just found out you’re pregnant. Maybe you helped your niece build a fort out of empty boxes.

Whatever you do in your day, if you take a look, there’s creation in there. And creation = creativity.

If you haven’t been creating things lately, that’s probably why you’re feeling uninspired and “blocked.” It’s time for you to learn the golden rule of creativity.

That’s what this blog post said. In fact, it’s a manifesto all creative people should live by:

Always Be Creating. Wow—so simple and yet so profound.

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