Do Your Fingers Get Cold While Writing? Try This

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Do your fingers ever get cold when you’re writing? Or maybe your fingers (and toes) are “always cold?” Or maybe you’re just “always cold” in general?

This happens to a lot of people, and the reason is their blood isn’t circulating enough oxygen through their body and to their limbs.

You can overcome this and actually get the circulation back into your body.

My Story

When I was attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I had a class with Dr. Andrew Weil. And in that class he taught us something I’ll never forget.

He taught us a breathing exercise that really gets air into your body and helps improve your circulation. I did that exercise every day for a few weeks to see if it worked, and I started to notice my hands weren’t cold all the time and that I didn’t really need the sweater I carry around with me everywhere.

My circulation and blood flow had improved enough to make that happen.

The exercise is simple and it will literally take about two minutes out of your day. You can even do it while you’re doing something else, like finding something to wear for work.

Note: this isn’t the exact exercise Dr. Weil taught us, it’s my variation of it. I’ve found this to be most successful for me and my clients. Feel free to adjust the seconds to fit what works for you.

Note also: I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice. I’m just showing you a technique that worked for me.

Circulation Breathing Technique

Here’s what you do:

  1. Breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds, really filling your lungs with air
  2. Hold your breath for 5 seconds
  3. Let the air out slowly, taking 8 seconds to release it all
  4. Repeat two more times

Pretty simple right? I know you can do it!

Give this technique a try. Not only is it great for circulation, but it’s extremely calming. Use it during times of stress to relax yourself.

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2 Replies to “Do Your Fingers Get Cold While Writing? Try This”

  1. Thank you for this quick easy technique to improve circulation!! I’m so frustrated with my cold hands while working, either writing it tryping! This worked immediately!

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