Doing Your Soulwork Makes Your Life Work — And You Owe It To Yourself To Read This Post All The Way To The End

I’ve been talking A LOT the last couple of weeks about soulwork. I define soulwork as your own personal blueprint for success. It’s soul-strategy that’s different for each person.

And so I wanted to dive a little deeper into this concept and explain it with specific examples.

To share where this all started for me, we have to go back to last summer, when I made the decision to finally launch my multi-passionate brand, Dream Life Or Bust. I had just moved back to Texas and my business was officially the best it had ever been (money-wise)… and yet I realized I wasn’t happy.

Yes, I was making good, consistent income. Yes, I was mostly doing work that I love. Yes, I had total time and location freedom.

But there were so many things I wanted to be doing that I wasn’t.

So I decided to stop doing some of the stuff I was doing (and that was making me a lot of money) to focus my time more on the things I actually wanted to be doing. And in November 2017, I launched Dream Life Or Bust, my multi-passionate brand that has allowed me to do more of what I love.

And then in January 2018, I made two decisions: 1) I would transform my money story, and 2) I would figure out how to feel good every day.

My starting point for both of these decisions was to go back to my Desire Map days and pull out my list of things that make me feel good (and yes, I highly recommend everyone have a list like that). Then I started to incorporate more of those “feel good” things into my day. (‘Cause feeling good is the whole point anyhow!)

And then about mid-way into this year, I started receiving what I call “soul nudges,” like inner desires telling me to do certain activities.

I have a value in my life and business called: Act on Divine Downloads. So whenever I get a download or a nudge to do something, I act on it.

These soul nudges had me doing things, like going to the movies by myself (at the movie theatre), driving to the lake to walk the dog in the mornings, and getting more consistent movement into my day.

And what I started to discover, was when I listened to these nudges, and when I did the activities I was being called to do… things just worked in my life and business. There was more ease. There was more flow. There was more money. There was less struggle.

For example, I went to see Oceans 8 by myself, and when I left the theatre, I discovered I had gotten three sign ups for my workshop while I was in there. (Getting paid to watch a movie!)

Or I’d take Weiland (my dog) for a walk on the lake in the morning, and while I was there, an email would land in my inbox from someone asking me to do an interview for their podcast or someone would be asking about hiring me to edit their book.

Or I’d sit down to do my daily writing, and afterward unexpected money would just come into my life.

I began noticing a pattern… when I did certain activities, money and opportunities and new clients and all kinds of random good things just started showing up in my life. Not to mention I was feeling better and better every day. Feeling good was starting to become normal for me.

So being the curious person that I am, I decided to experiment.

I looked at the activities I’d done and then had money, an opportunity, a new client, etc., show up after, and I started to indulge in those activities more often. And I’m talking really indulge!

I was watching movies in the middle of the day (when I “should have” been working). I drove to the lake every single morning and walked Weiland. I spent an entire day and night working on my screenplay.

Then I paid attention to what happened after. Did money show up? Did an opportunity present itself to me? Did I get a new client? Did something else good show up?

One month this year–July–I gave myself FULL permission to ONLY follow the soul nudges. In fact, I took zero action in my life or business unless it was a soul-based action (meaning I felt a nudge from inside myself to do it).

It was my most profitable and highest income month of 2018.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) I was raised to be very skeptical. And I question everything… especially when it feels too easy.

So I decided to really put this soul-nudge theory to the test.

I stopped (temporarily) doing all of the activities I had been doing that were leading to more money, clients, ease, flow and opportunities. I stopped working on my fiction writing. I stopped watching movies. I stopped going to the lake (and the rainy weather also helped with that one LOL).

And then I paid attention to what happened.

When I wasn’t doing those activities anymore, money stopped being easy. New clients were few and far between. And the opportunities weren’t showing up as much either. I even had multiple weeks where I didn’t receive any money at all, and that hasn’t happened EVER, not even when I first quit my job to take my business full-time.

Interesting. Maybe I was onto something?

So I kept experimenting.

I had weeks where I would do all of the soul-nudge activities and then I’d track what happened. How much money showed up? How many new client requests? How many opportunities? How many unexpected good things?

And then I’d have weeks where I wouldn’t do any of the soul-nudge activities, and I’d track what happened. Did money show up? Did any new clients show up? Did any opportunities show up? Did I receive any unexpected good things?

I will add that I don’t at all believe there’s ever anything you HAVE TO do to receive the results and outcomes you desire. There is no one way to any goal. And you can absolutely receive without doing anything.

But there are also things that your soul is called to do, and there are many things your soul desires to do every day (or as many days as possible).

Those things are your soulwork. Those are the things you’re meant to be doing and focusing your time and energy on every day.

And I had found my soulwork.

By doing this experimenting, I discovered 10 specific activities that, when I do them on a daily and consistent basis, cause everything in my life and business to work smoothly, and with ease and flow.

And they’re not activities in the sense that they produce a specific outcome (although they technically do). They’re more in-general activities that my soul feels called to do on a daily basis.

I call this soul-fuel.

Some of these activities are, of course, based on me being an entrepreneur and owning a business. Most are based on who I am at my core, as a person.

ALL of them are soul-based activities that allow my life and business to work.

My 10 activities are:

  • Write
  • Speak
  • Give
  • Feel good
  • Watch a movie
  • Spend time outside
  • Track income and book sales #s
  • Movement
  • Sell
  • Grow

Now this list may seem limiting, but it’s not. Because I use these activities as general guidelines, NOT as hard rules.

For example, “write” doesn’t mean I have to work on one of my books. Write just means write; whatever that looks like for me each day. Some days that means I’m writing a blog or Facebook post. Other days it means I’m working on my screenplay or on a nonfiction book project. Other days it means writing in my journal. And other days (most days, really) it means I’m doing all of that.

And “give” can mean donating money or donating an item I no longer use or giving away a freebie in my Facebook group or doing a free training for my community or writing a rave review for a product/service I love or doing something else that I feel called to do that day, such as giving all of the change in my car to the homeless guy standing on the corner or dropping a dollar on the ground at the store for someone to find.

I’ve also lumped many, many activities, including my daily mindset and energy practice, into “Feel Good.” The reason I did this is because my feel-good activities tend to change on a daily basis, but they all add up to the same outcome: feeling good.

I now live my life based on doing my soulwork every day.

And I’ve spent the second half of 2018 building daily habits around doing these activities. Which means I’ve now embodied being the person who does those things every day.

I still have my list of soulwork activities written down (‘cause I’m Type A like that), but I rarely ever need to look at it because I’ve just made those activities a part of my daily existence.

Now writing and speaking and giving and feeling good and all the other activities are just who I am.

Not to mention: I’ve never felt more sure of myself; I’ve never felt more on-purpose; I’ve never felt more confident; I’ve never worried less; I’ve never had so much ease and flow and feel good; I’ve never compared myself less; I’ve never completely ignored what everyone else is doing and stayed focused on my path… as I have since I found my soulwork activities.

THIS is what I mean when I say doing your soulwork makes your life work.

THIS is what I mean when I say if you find your soulwork activities and commit to doing them every day, your life will unfold in the most magical and unexpected ways.

THIS is what I’m referring to when I say “unlock your soul-blueprint.”

These are the activities that are written into my soul. They’re who I am and have always been.

And now I’m finally acting like it.

Want to unlock YOUR soul-blueprint and find the activities that will make YOUR life and business work like never before? Then be sure to join us for Soulwork–21 days to unlock your soul-blueprint for more success, more opportunities, more money and more clients.

Everyone has a soul-blueprint with activities that are in total divine alignment for them. And when you find yours and commit to doing them daily, you’ll have more ease, more flow, more abundance and more feel-good than you ever thought possible. (And external opinions and strategies will be a thing of the past.)

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