Every Queen Needs A Chariot

I’ve wanted a Jeep since I was a kid. I just always knew that was my car brand. I always believed I would drive a Jeep when I grew up.

Well, I grew up and I still didn’t have my Jeep.

Most would panic or start telling themselves nonsense like it’s not available for them, they can’t have it, it’s not meant to be. But I just continued to believe.

Then three years ago, I was at Auto Zone buying something to fix my previous vehicle (a 2002 Chevy Cavalier) and I saw this Jeep keychain.

Most people would buy a keychain that matches the car they drive. I decided I would buy one to help me manifest the car I wanted to drive.

So I bought that Jeep keychain and I put it on my Chevy Cavalier car keys.

I began referring to my car keys as my Jeep keys. I told myself in my mind I owned a Jeep.

Of course, there were doubters. But I was never bothered by it. I knew what was coming for me, even though I couldn’t physically see it yet.

When I’d go in for oil changes, the mechanics would hand me back my keys, laugh and say, “but you don’t drive a Jeep.” And I would always tell them, “but I will.”

That keychain was part of my Acting As If that Jeep was already mine. I just always believed one day it would be.

Well, three days ago my keychain got an UPGRADE. It now holds the key to a 2012 JEEP Liberty.

My very first Jeep.

The one I always believed in. The one I always knew would be mine.

The one I acted my way into receiving by buying that Jeep keychain back when I didn’t have the Jeep key to go with it.

I now plan on using this Jeep Liberty to manifest my dream Jeep. ‘Cause once you embody being something, you’re always that something. I am a Jeep person.

Next stop, Wrangler 🔥

Dream life or bust,


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