Feeling Bad Will Never Align You With The Life You Desire, So Freaking Stop It Already

There’s a crazy AF misconception in modern society that feeling good is a temporary state and feeling bad is “normal.” This is total bullshit at the highest bullshit level.

It IS normal to feel good… it’s just not common. 

BIG difference. And one that you should take to heart.

Feeling good is not only the entire point of every single thing you dream of and desire to have but it’s also the path to receiving and achieving all of those things. 

Why? Because feeling good means you’re on the same vibrational frequency as—and in alignment with—all of the things you want. 

But when you’re feeling bad, you’re actually vibrating at the OPPOSITE frequency of what you want. 

And just like you can’t tune your radio to 97.9 and expect to hear what’s broadcasting on 107.9, you can’t tune your vibrational frequency to the opposite of what you want and get it.

It really is that simple.

Feel good and you’re in alignment and on the path to receiving what you want. Feel bad and you’re in opposition to what you want and you will only receive more of the same (aka what you don’t want).

So in any moment of your life, if you’re wondering whether or not you’re on the path to getting the things you want and are asking for, all you ever have to do is tune into how you’re feeling. 

Are you feeling good? Great, keep going. Are you feeling bad? Stop what you’re doing completely or tweak it until it feels better.


This is life-changing stuff that I could be charging thousands of dollars for, but I want you to have ZERO EXCUSES when it comes to creating your most amazing, feel-good life ever, so I took money out of the equation.

Want to get on your feel-good path? Here’s Step #1…

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Dream life or bust,


P.S. Learning to feel good consistently is a practice, it’s not something that will happen overnight. Be patient with yourself. And if you want to supercharge your feel-good, send me a PM and let’s chat about working together. 

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