Find Your Soulwork Activities And You’ll Never Work A Day In Your Life (And Your Life Will Work Better Than Ever Before)

Over the past 12 months, I’ve focused a ton of my time on feeling good. And not just on feeling good, but also on figuring out what actually makes me feel good, and dealing with the self-sabotage that comes with feeling good for too long.

It was part of my mission for 2018: to feel as good as possible.

Why? Because when you feel good, you live on a higher-vibe frequency and you put yourself in the same energetic space as the things you dream of and desire to have in your life (and business).

The more good you feel; the higher your vibe. The higher your vibe; the better things you attract to yourself and into your life. The better things you attract to yourself and into your life; the happier you become.

And becoming happy is the WHOLE ENTIRE POINT.

Everything you dream of and desire to have you only want because you think having it will make you feel a certain way–happy; joyful; motivated; passionate; grateful; in love; at peace, abundant, etc.

But you don’t have to wait until you have the things/outcomes/results you dream of and desire. You can fast-forward things by figuring out how you’d feel if you were already there; if you were already the person who is being, doing and having the things you desire.

And then you can choose to feel those things right now.

No waiting. No prerequisites. No “when this happens, then I’ll feel that way.”

Just feeling, right now, in the moment, the way you desire to feel and the way you know you’ll feel when you’ve achieved the goal; received the thing; or created the outcome/results you want.

The feeling is what you’re really after. The rest is just a Bonus.

I’ve known this truth for more than a decade now. And it’s been drilled home to me multiple times by the spiritual teachers and visionaries I learn from and follow. From Abraham-Hicks to Mike Dooley to Danielle LaPorte, the message is so very crystal-clear…FEELING GOOD IS THE WHOLE POINT!!

So for 2018, I took that to heart and I accepted it as a bigger goal and vision for my year (and my life).

And along the way to discovering the things that make me feel how I want to feel, I unlocked what I’m now calling my “soulwork” activities. The activities that, when I do them daily and consistently, cause everything in my life (and biz) to work with total ease and flow.

Nothing is forced. There’s no struggle. Opportunities; clients; money; they all show up with ease.

Not only do my soulwork activities make me feel freaking AMAZING, but they also help me to live out my purpose in this world.

Uncovering these activities has made me more motivated; inspired; passionate; focused; and clear than I’ve ever been in my entire life so far. I now have a harder time falling asleep at night because I just want to keep going. I wake up much easier in the morning now and don’t actually want to snooze my alarm, because I’d rather get up and get to doing my soulwork activities.

These activities fill me up; they fuel me; they make me feel happy and so grateful to be alive. And, of course, they make my life and business work.

And the best part of all–as if it could get any better than feeling freaking amazing and living your purpose every day–is I no longer suffer from “Shiny Object Syndrome.” I no longer care what anyone else is doing. I’m no longer comparing myself or my business or my journey to anyone else’s.

I know exactly what I need to focus on every day to feel the way I desire to feel. And I’m now committed to doing those things.

Period. End of story.

Twenty-eighteen might not be the most financially successful year I’ll have; and it might not be the year I achieve a ton of outward success. But it will most definitely without a doubt be the year where everything changed INTERNALLY for me.

Because this year I’ve figured what makes me feel the way I want to feel; I’ve unlocked my personal success blueprint (aka: my soulwork); I’ve learned my self-sabotaged patterns and how to deal with them; and I’ve built a momentum that will only serve me and the world going forward.

And from THAT space, this year, I wrote two brand-new screenplays (and submitted to three script contests); co-wrote a brand-new book (that comes out in December!!!); coached hundreds of writers and creatives; launched a dozen or so new workshops and programs; and spoke on more than a dozen online summits and podcasts.

Best-best of all, I’ve never felt more clear; more confident; or more in alignment. 

Figure out what makes you feel freaking amazing. Unlock your personal success blueprint. Commit to doing your soulwork daily and consistently.

And watch how fast your life (and business) changes… for the better.

Dream life or bust,


Isn’t it time for you to FEEL FREAKING AMAZING? No more waiting until… until… until…

Soulwork, my upcoming 21-day workshop, will help you unlock your personal success blueprint so that you know exactly where to focus your time and energy every day, and can wake up in the morning feeling recharged; energized; inspired; and motivated to start your day.

What could feeling freaking good every damn day do for your life and business? Only one way to find out…


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