Five Things To Do Before You Go To Sleep

Here are five things that I do every night before I go to sleep:

  1. I write down one to two sentences about my day.

    This can be something that I want to remember, something that I learned that day, or just a little bit about what I did.

    This is just for me to look back on later and remember. It keeps me from forgetting the little things that I did or that happened in my life – like a short diary entry.

  2. I write out my goals as if they have already come true.

    I write them in the positive, present, or past tense. I write them down AS IF they have already happened, not as if I am writing about something that I’m working on.

    Rather than writing, “I can’t wait to have the body of my dreams,” I write, “ I already have the body of my dreams.”

    Examples of other goals I might write here are:
    • “I am now making a full-time income from my book sales.”
    • “I just sold my first screenplay.”  

  3. I read something empowering.

    I will read anything from a self-help book to a fictional novel.

    I read something that feels good to me and what feels good to me changes every night depending on my mood.

  4.  After I snuggle beneath the blankets with my head on the pillow and the lights out, I close my eyes andI speak to the universe about whatever it is that I want guidance on in this moment.

    I will say, “Universe help guide me to the solution to…”

    It may be something I have a question about, something that I’m wondering about in my life, something that I’m worried about or a “HOW” that I’m trying to get clear on.

    For example, if I am working on a book I might say, “Universe show me the solution to this plot problem. Guide me and show me the way.”
  5. The very last thing I do before I fall asleep is to thank the Universe in advance for all my dreams and all my goals coming true.

    This can sound like:
    • “Universe, thank you so much for the hundreds of people who bought my books today.”
    • “Universe, thank you so much for my screen play getting turned into a movie.”

    Whatever it is that I have a goal for in that moment, I will literally thank the Universe for it in advance. 

Doing these 5 things every night before I go to sleep helps me attract more of what I want in my life. And it helps me focus on doing my job and letting the Universe do it’s job.

Try adding a few or all of these to your nightly ritual and get ready for great things to happen in yours.

Dream life or bust,

P.S. In my book, F*ck the How, I cover more about how when you play your role and allow the Universe to play its role, you can get whatever it is that you want without having to worry about the “How.” Get your copy HERE.

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