Full-Time Creatives Wanted for a Series on My Podcast, The AND Life🔥

I’m creating a series for my podcast right now where I’m interviewing creatives who make a full-time living from their art (meaning they get paid to do it and it’s enough money that they don’t need a job or to offer services or coaching, unless they choose to). 

Writers. Artists. Musicians. Poets. Painters. Multi-passionates. If you’re a creative making a living from your art, I want to interview you!! 

For this particular series, I’m looking for people who are doing their art and thriving financially (meaning your art sustains you and you would thrive financially without needing to offer services or coaching). 

Are you that person? Or do you know that person? Comment below or DM me and I’ll reach out to schedule your interview.

Feel free to share this if you know anyone who would be a great fit. Thank you!!

Dream life or bust,

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