Give Yourself Permission to Write About Whatever You Want to Write About

I wrote my first nonfiction eBook in 2010. It was called, Butt-In-Chair: A No-Excuses Productivity Guide for Writers Who Struggle to Get Started. It came out on March 23, 2010 and it’s still, to this day, the book I sell the most copies of.

Before I published this book, I’d been blogging for two years, all about my writing journey and what I was learning along the way. And before that I was in journalism school and working many jobs where I had to use my writing skills.

So writing about writing just seemed to be a natural fit for me. I’ve published nine eBooks and all of them relate to writing or being a writer.

But lately I’ve been wanting to expand and write about other topics. I’ve wanted to write nonfiction about other parts of my life and share what I’ve learned in those areas.

I want to write a book about how I used personal challenges to transform my life. I want to write about overcoming fear by facing it head-on. I want to write about making amazing gluten-free, dairy-free food. I want to write a business and marketing book for multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

These are all topics I’ve avoided because I thought I wasn’t allowed to write about them. That I didn’t have enough credibility or I had to stick with writing books about writing because that’s what I’ve been doing and that’s what people expect of me.

Yet another unfulfilled desire, buried deep inside.

A couple years ago my story mentor and great friend, Larry Brooks, wrote a book about relationships. Totally outside of the usual topics he writes about (as most of you know him from and Story Engineering). I respected him a lot for doing that. It’s hard to be known for something and then move outside that wheelhouse to something totally different.

Most people couldn’t and wouldn’t do that. (Not to mention all the advice in the writing industry, which says to focus and niche down. Total BS, by the way.)

But the thing we often forget when we’re multi-passionate, is that we’re different than other people.

For most people it would be a total disaster to change topics and start writing books on other topics that you’re not known for or that are outside of the wheelhouse you’ve been in. Because many people really are only good at one thing.

You and I are different. We’re good at lots of things. We have talents and gifts that stretch far beyond just being and doing one thing.

So why should you hold yourself back from writing about what you want to write about?

The way I see it, you’re alive and you’re living life. That means there are things you’re passionate about. That means along the way you picked up knowledge and skills that have allowed you to become really good at several things.

In my opinion, writing a badass nonfiction book is all about being passionate about a topic and having knoweldge, skills and experiences related to that topic.

And with that definition, it really opens up the possibilities for you to write about whatever you want to write about. How fun is that?

The reason it’s so important to focus on writing about the things you’re passionate about is because that passion will fuel you. It will be the thing that keeps you going when you want to give up.

Passion will get you across the finish line.

And that passion can only come from allowing yourself to write about the things you desire to write about–regardless of what they are–so you can share yourself, your gifts, your talents, your skills, your knowledge and your experiences with the people of the world who want and need what you have to offer.

Dream life or bust,



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