Grab Your Free Ticket To The Writer’s Craft Summit (MAY 27-31, 2019)

Later this month (May 27-31) I’m participating in The Writer’s Craft Summit, a free online event where you’ll be learning SO MUCH about the craft of storytelling from experts like myself, Shawn Coyne, Derek Murphy and more.

My segment during this event is all about story structure (of course!). I’m giving you a crash-course in story structure along with a specific story breakdown to help you have a complete understanding of it.

To be totally honest, a couple of years ago I wanted to put together an event like this…but I just never did it. So that’s why I’m super pumped that Writer’s Craft Summit Host, Kevin Johns, decided to do something like this. 

There are so many online events out there, but none that really focused on the craft of writing good stories. 

This event is covering:

  • The difference between a mini-plot, arch-plot, and anti-plot
  • How to shut down your inner critic and banish imposter syndrome forever
  • Three types of conflict you can work into every scene you write
  • A simple method for fleshing out your story spine
  • An incredible trick for making supporting characters memorable even if they are only in a couple of scenes
  • A method for getting an objective perspective on your own work
  • An exercise Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, and Hunter S. Thompson all used to become better writers
  • And MORE!

This is by far the writing event of the year and I don’t want you to miss it!! That’s why I’m giving you a heads up several weeks in advance.

Block out your calendar from now and don’t miss this event!!


Dream life or bust,


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