HERE’S THE TRUTH: Until You Feel Worthy, You Will Never Truly Receive What You Desire in Life.

Instead, you’ll receive other things that become the contrast that gives you clarity. You’ll experience people and situations and circumstances that recreate that unworthy feeling.

Over and over and over again. It will be a perpetual cycle that won’t stop until you consciously choose to stop it.

Until then, it will just continue to be more people, situations and circumstances that match “unworthy” and “not good enough.”

Guys who are OK, but not quite it. Clients who are decent, but not soulmate. Projects doing stuff you’re good at, but don’t really love to do.

All that reflects back is the feeling of being unworthy. Unworthy to receive the dream guy. Unworthy to receive the soulmate clients.

Unworthy to receive the projects that light you up and excite you.

The problem is, you take this stuff that happens and make it mean that YOU are unworthy. And then, even worse, you start to believe that lie and tell a story about yourself that says you’re not worthy.

And then you settle. Accept mediocre. Allow good enough.

Except what you don’t realize is that outer reflection was NEVER meant to mean ANYTHING, it was just a mirror for what’s going on inside of you.

Your outer world is simply feedback for what you’ve got going on internally. It doesn’t mean anything or have any meaning, except the meaning you choose to give it.

This feedback then presents an opportunity for you to go inside yourself, shift some things, let some things go, and create a new story.

And when you do, that will also be reflected to you in your outer world.

Admit it, what you really want is to have it all. Your version of it all. And for it to all be amazing and mind-blowing and awesome.

But without feeling worthy, you’ll never allow yourself to receive that or experience that. Or, if you do, it will only be temporary.

Start on the inside. Figure out what you truly desire in all areas of your life. Become a match to that, internally, with your beliefs, feelings and thoughts.

Most importantly, reconnect with and reclaim your worth.

It’s still in you. It’s always been there. It’s not going anywhere.

But you’ve gotta unbury it by getting rid of anything that’s in opposition to it–externally and internally.

Dream life or bust,


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