Hidden Block #1 To Writing And/Or Finishing Your Novel (Or Short Story, Screenplay, Etc.)

Last week I did a really awesome livestream in this group all about the Top 5 Hidden Blocks Stopping You From Writing and/or Finishing Your Novel (or short story, screenplay, etc). It was a blast (you can watch the replay here: www.facebook.com/jlblanchard3/videos/10214318167330020).

But I’ve got a lot more to say on the topic, and I know not everyone is into watching videos, so I thought I’d do a breakdown of all 5 blocks over the next week for you right here on my FB page.

So, today we’re beginning the five-part series with HIDDEN BLOCK #1: YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST SIT DOWN AND WRITE.

Yes, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but “pantsing” your story is a block to writing and/or finishing.

Now don’t get me wrong… there are some people can “pants” a draft and actually get through it, but it’s very rare. Most people who “pants” get stuck halfway through, have no idea what to do in the middle of the story or conveniently get “bored” and never end up finishing.

And that’s not productive or useful.

Here’s how this block typically shows up in your life:

  • Procrastination
  • Resisting your writing
  • Never actually finishing anything
  • Saying you “are bored” with your story
  • Making excuses for why you’re not writing and/or finishing

Hidden block #1 is one of the most common I see among writers who complain that they can’t be consistent with their writing or who start things but don’t finish them.

And there’s only ONE way to resolve hidden block #1: you have to develop and plan your story BEFORE you write it.

Period. End of discussion.

Developing and planning ahead of time makes the writing process easier, faster, smoother and a hell of a lot more fun.

Even knowing the basics of your story before you start writing will save you from hidden block #1. But in my opinion, THIS (jenniferblanchard.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Everything-You-Need-to-Know…Story_.pdf) is everything you should know about your story before you attempt to write it.

When I started developing and planning my stories before I wrote them, it changed everything for me. Now I won’t even consider writing a single word of a first draft until I have at least the bare minimum figured out.

And, hey–if you’re having a hard time developing your story idea and planning out the foundational pieces of it, be sure to check out my Storytelling Mastermind.

Not only do you get access to TONS of trainings and resources to help you develop and plan your story before you write it, but you also get access to me in the private Facebook group so you can get feedback on your story before you waste time on a first draft.

That’s exactly what Storytelling Mastermind member, Laura Lützen, loves about being part of the group. Here’s what she said about the feedback I gave her on her recent story (see pic).

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See you tomorrow for Hidden Block #2

Dream life or bust,

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