Hidden Block #4: You Haven’t Decided To Write And/Or Finish And Made It Non-Negotiable

For the past few days we’ve been going over the top 5 biggest hidden blocks to writing and/or finishing your novel (or short story, screenplay, etc). And today we’re continuing on with Hidden Block #4. 

So, what is Hidden Block #4? … You haven’t decided to write and/or finish your novel and then made it non-negotiable.

Yup. Decision is EVERYTHING. 

Until you fully decide something and cut off all other possibilities, you’ll never write or finish your novel.

And then you have to make that decision non-negotiable, which means no matter what else happens; no matter the excuses, the distractions, the life chaos, whatever, you do what you said you would do and stick to your decision. Period. End of story.

How does Hidden Block #4 show up in your life?

  • You waver
  • You jump around from story to story
  • You never finish anything
  • You’re still working on the same story years later

Most people don’t get where they want to be in life, not because they don’t have what it takes to get there, but because they haven’t decided to get there and then made it non-negotiable.

Recognizing Hidden Block #4 in yourself? 

Here’s what to do about it:

  • Freaking decide!!
  • Make that decision a non-negotiable

I know, way too simple, right? 

But that’s because it is simple. You’ve been complicating it all this time by not deciding.

And a decision isn’t something you just make once. (That’s actually a mistake people make with decisions.)

It’s something you have to do every single day.

When you wake up in the morning, you have to decide that you will write and/or finish your story, and then you have to take action on it. Over and over again, every day, until it’s done.

Even five minutes a day is better than doing nothing. Five minutes a day, compounded over enough time, will yield the results you want. 

Not deciding and then doing nothing about it will keep you stuck where you are right now.

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One more Hidden Block to go! See you Monday for Hidden Block #5.

Dream life or bust,


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