Hitting A Dream Milestone

I just got back from an 8-day trip to Las Vegas and discovered I hit four figures in book royalties for this month so far (and the month isn’t even over yet!)!! That means my cut of my book sales for this month is over $1,000!

This is a dream milestone for me. I dreamed of being able to make money like this from my books way back in 2010 (and even before) when I self-published my very first book.

I used to make four figures from my books in a year, and now it’s happening in a month.

I couldn’t be more thrilled! Not only to be making a livable amount of money from my books but also to be getting my books into more people’s hands and helping them to manifest and create their dream lives too.

The truth is, this is the first time in my 13+ year self-publishing career that I’ve really put the majority of my focus on my books–on writing them, self-publishing them, promoting them, and selling them. Before now, I’ve always had a million different things going on, all with different desired outcomes and end results.

Now, I just have this: write books, sell books, change lives. Or, really: write books + sell books = change lives.

Everything I do in my business now is focused on that end result and that end result only. Whatever else happens is a bonus.

I thought going to Vegas for 8 days was an awesome start to 2023, but this is just icing on the cake.

To 2023! May it be a year of magic, miracles, money, possibilities, surprises, and everything else you dream of and hope for.

P.S. If you want to know how to get whatever you want without worrying about the how, or want to make a major up-level in your life or business this year, or just want to be entertained and escape into some fiction, I’ve got you covered! You can browse and buy my books here:  www.dreamlifeorbust.com 

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