How To “Anchor” Your Milestones

I’ve started to do this thing where I go somewhere or buy myself something specific that I’ve been wanting as a way of celebrating and anchoring in my goals when I achieve them. ⁣

Goals are fleeting. After you hit one, there’s another on the horizon. ⁣

But memories, those last forever. ⁣

And whenever I see or carry or use the “anchor” item, it reminds me of my journey and how far I’ve come. It reminds me of what I’ve created. ⁣

It’s a memory of something that I would have otherwise long forgotten because I live so much in the present moment. ⁣

When I published Quantum Leap Your Life, I bought myself the silver and blue Tiffany heart necklace I’d been dreaming of for years. When I decided I was finally ready to make five figures per month in book royalties, I bought a Gucci belt as a way of symbolizing who I was becoming and now deciding to be. ⁣

It’s not necessarily about the item, specifically. Just what it represents. I’ve also taken trips to special places to anchor things in, or had dinner at a restaurant I’d been wanting to try.

Anything can work as an “anchor” so long as it has significance for you. ⁣

I bought my very first Portland Leather Goods bag (see pic) in March of this year, to celebrate and anchor in that I’m now consistently making four-figures per month in book royalties. (It’s a PLG medium classic tote in Coldbrew, in case you’re wondering). ⁣

Whenever I see, use or carry this bag, it reminds me that I am now the author I always dreamed I would be. That I created this life and I’m so beyond grateful to be living it. ⁣

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