How To Become A Feel-Good Writer

This week I’ve been talking a lot about an epiphany I had. In case you missed my previous emails or haven’t made time to listen to the audio I sent out the other day (listen to it here if you haven’t yet, this is one you don’t want to miss:, my epiphany was about feeling good being the whole point.

Now I already knew this, as I’ve been studying Law of Attraction since 2008. Feeling good has always been the main emphasis that every book, video, course and workshop made. 

But when you’re not really ready to hear and accept something and let it into your mind as truth, then you don’t really hear it. 

Your ears hear the words come in, but the power of those words don’t register in your mind. In one ear and out the other, as the saying goes.

So all along my journey I’ve known that feeling good is the whole point. In fact, a few years ago I was even part of a book club where we were focused on how to create more feel-good in our lives.

Feeling good has been in my life experience for years now. And yet I never fully got it. It never fully registered with my mind.

Until this week, when I heard it said again. But this time, I actually heard it.

Heard it as in, it integrated for me. It became a set point for my mind. It became a truth I will now operate my life from.

And in that moment, everything shifted. 

The negative energy momentum I’d had going for a month and a half began ceasing, and a new momentum started picking up in the opposite direction. Best of all, evidence of this new, positive momentum showed up almost immediately.

First, I just felt better (and that’s the whole point!). I felt like me again. And next, physical manifestations and evidences began showing up in my reality.

It’s how I know I not only integrated this truth–that feeling good is the whole point–but it’s how I know I’m moving in the right direction and am in alignment.

Alignment is one of those new-age woo-woo words that gets thrown around a lot, and no one really defines it clearly. So here’s my definition: alignment is about feeling good. 

When you’re feeling good, you’re in alignment. When you’re feeling bad, you’re not in alignment (or you’ve shifted slightly off course).

And when you’re in alignment and you choose to write and create from that space, it changes everything.

This week I got inspired to write a book about this idea; the idea of first getting into alignment and then doing your writing and creating from that energy. I call it being a “Feel-Good Writer” (more on this book coming soon!).

It makes total sense, right? Why would you ever want to do anything from a space of not being in alignment? 

If you’re not in alignment, you’re not feeling good and you’re not on your path. So why in the hell would you want to do your writing or creative work from that space and that energy? 

Energy is EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING! And whatever energy you do things with, that’s the energy that attaches itself to it. 

Which means if you’re trying to write your story/book from a space of feeling bad or like you’re not enough or can’t do this or whatever negative stuff you have coming up, THAT’S the energy you’re infusing into your work. And if you somehow happen to finish said work and publish it, that’s the energy going out into the world with it.

Not exactly going to attract the raving fans you know you and your stories/books are meant to have. 

So, what are your options? Well, that’s what my Feel-Good-Writer Theory is all about. 

And here’s how it works: 

1. Be Selfish Enough to Care How You Feel

This is the commitment I made to myself and to the world this week–that going forward, every single day, I will be selfish enough to care about how I feel. 

You’ve got to care how you feel because your energy affects everyone and everything, and it’s also the charge your vibrational frequency holds.

If you’re in alignment and feeling good, your vibrational frequency is the same as the things you desire and you become a magnet for all of it. 

If you’re not in alignment and are feeling bad, your frequency is a mismatch to the things you want, and you won’t be able to magnetize anything except other things that are on your same frequency. 

So that’s why you have to be selfish enough to care about how you feel. You are the center of your world, and everything you see around you is a reflection of what’s going on inside. 

Change how you feel and you’ll change your vibrational frequency. Change your vibrational frequency and you’ll change everything.

2. Don’t Work On Your Writing If You’re Not In Alignment/The Right Energy

This isn’t permission to skip your writing session. Quite the opposite.

It’s an invitation for you to step up.

I’d like you to consider that the reason you usually avoid your writing or don’t work on it consistently is because you don’t feel good/aren’t in alignment. But if you were to start feeling good and get into alignment, you would actually want to do your writing.


Not to mention when you feel good and are in alignment, it makes the writing easier. The right words come to you. The pieces you need to connect your story come to you. The ideas and creativity and whatever else you need flow with ease.

That’s what it’s like to be a Feel-Good Writer. 

(Side note: I’m in that energetic space right now as I write this, so not only can you feel the energy of my words, but they are resonating right now for the people who are on my same frequency, and the words are flowing out of me with ease. The right words are showing up when I need them. I’m not having to reach for anything, it’s just there, in front of me, as I need it.)

But those things can’t come to you when you’re feeling bad or not in alignment. 

Why? Because those things are on the feel-good frequency, and the feel-good frequency can only attract other things on the feel-good frequency.

For example, if you want to hear the song currently playing on 95.5 FM, you can’t tune your dial to 98.9 FM and expect to hear it. And even tuning it to 95.1 FM will still get you a missed frequency, even though it’s only off by a tiny bit.

Which means if you’re tuned to a feel-bad frequency, all you’ll have access to are bad ideas, story pieces that don’t connect or add up to anything, spinning in circles around a story that isn’t working, and inspiration that runs dry.


3. Get Into Alignment (AKA A Feel-Good Energy) and Then Go Work On Your Writing and Creating

This is the best space to write and create from. 

In this space, all of the amazing ideas and clarity and inspiration and motivation can reach you. You’ll be open to receiving it when you’re in alignment. 

And it will all happen with ease (meaning it will feel easy; you will always still have to do the work).

But you have to intentionally tune yourself to the feel-good frequency. You have to create a high-vibe energy state for yourself.

So for the days/moments when you know you want to write, but can’t get yourself there or just whenever you’re going to be doing your writing and creating, first get into a feel-good state. And then go do your writing/creating. 

And if you’re not in a feel-good state, don’t write and don’t create. Instead, go get yourself into a feel-good state, whatever that means for you. 

And then go back and do your writing. 

This is how you create the most ease, flow, inspiration, and on-fire motivation you’ve ever experienced in your writing life. 

Dream life or bust,


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