How To Find Inspiration In Life’s Moments

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What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? For many people, it’s checking their email using a smartphone which keeps them constantly connected with the world.

Having technology is amazing—we can watch our favorite TV show, talk to our friend who lives across the world via online video chat and check our email … all at the same time. There are definitely many uses for smartphones and I highly recommend every writer have one.

But there are times when having this much access to everything and being so connected to everyone takes a toll on your creativity.

The Problem With Constant Connectivity

When you’re constantly connected, you never get to truly immerse yourself in life. Because your phone is always at the back of your mind.Or you’re thinking about what’s on TV.

It’s kinda hard to live in the moment when the voice in your head keeps saying, “Check your email.”

Sometimes you have to enjoy your life. Sometimes you have to do things without technology. Sometimes you just have to have fun the old-fashioned way.

Plus, when you really engage in life, you’ll start to see inspiration for your writing wherever you go.

Let The Technology Rest

If you want to really live in the moment and truly get to enjoy the moment, you have to let go of the technology. Just for a little while.

For the rest of the day today, go technology-free. That’s your challenge for the day.

Yes, I know it seems impossible and like it can’t happen. But you can do it. And once you’re disconnected and enjoying the moment, you won’t even think about your phone or TV and Internet anymore.

It’s the 4th of July and most people are off from work, so take advantage of this time. Get outside and have a picnic. Take a trip to the beach. Go for a long hike.

Anything you can do to pull yourself away from the “world of connectivity” for a little while is good.

How To Do It

Since going technology-free is a big challenge at first, here are some tips to make it a little easier:

  • Purposely leave your phone at home when you go out—not having immediate access to it will make it easier for you to forget about it.
  • Schedule recordings of all your TV shows—then you can enjoy your time without worrying about missing your shows. If you can’t record them, research times when they will be replayed or ask someone to record them for you.
  • Announce your plans on social media—let your friends/fans know that you’re taking a short technology break, that way they wait and contact you after your break is over.

I know, this is a really big challenge. The first so far in this 31-day series. But if you can do this, you can do pretty much anything.

I recommend going technology-free once a week, it’s good for your creativity.

Now get off your computer and go enjoy your life.

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